Friday, January 8, 2016

35 Weeks

Feeling a million times better than last week. Some people breeze through the third tri skipping and bouncing around (me when pregnant with Olivia) and others are in a lot of pain and have a hard time (me when pregnant now). Running after O for multiple days, trying to get dinners ready, laundry done, keep the house semi decent, undecorate for Christmas, etc. was just too much on my body last week. 

Her being back in school for half the day means - until 1 - all I have to do is sit, walk, or stand.  And after a few days - I feel SO much better. 

I'm up 40 pounds, which means 1) I currently weigh more than I did when I delivered Olivia and 2) I currently weight more than my husband, but I've got my fingers crossed that 3) this will end up being the cutest 40+ (dare I guess 60?) pounds I will have ever gained, once she's here. 

I'll write more about it after the pregnancy, but I'm eating 1800 calories a day, tracking every bite I put into my mouth (peppermint? logged.) and keeping an eye on proteins and sugars. My body just wants to explode. I'm not too worried about it - just going to be a lot of work to get it off. 

Feeling pretty ready for this baby. The nursery is finished (unlike with Olivia). Surely someone will run to Target to pick up some diapers once I run out of the ones I stole from the hospital. And the attic has the baby items and baby clothes - so, worst case, Dan can drag them out of the attic and wash them after she's here. We'll obviously try to be more prepared come D-Day, but I'm not worried about it at all. Just looking forward to newborn cuddles. 

This belly is back to measuring 2 weeks ahead. And my doctor still suspects that we've got quite the chunk on our hands. We'll have a better idea at my ultrasound next week. Until then, I have doctors orders to make Dan do all the hard work this weekend. ;)


  1. Looking good mama! Put Dan to work! I can't imagine dealing with Christmas craziness, not to mention a toddler at 35 weeks! Yowza!

  2. You don't look like you have gained 40 lbs. You seriously look great! I'm sure it is a bunch of water. You sit. Relax. You know, grow a baby. Oh and work on that baby a name.

  3. You're looking great so I'm glad you're getting to rest a bit more this week. My back has been bothering me all week and I know it's from doing/lifting too much. I've got to take your advice and slow down a bit. Easier said than done. Can't wait to see little sister's nursery :) Do you feel calmer about the arrival of #2 or more laid back about the details?? I'm feeling much more "oh it'll get done" than I did with Olive.

  4. Oh I'm so glad you're feeling better now. I go through bouts of that during pregnancy where I'll be a little miserable for a day or two and worry that it's my new norm but fortunately, I've bounced back to feeling good each time. You still look fabulous. I can't wait to see nursery! And fun that you get an ultrasound to see baby girl again!!

  5. Not much longer now! You look darling! Can't wait to see baby girls pics!

  6. Glad a few mornings of rest have you feeling better!! Pregnancy with a little one is no joke! Sounds like you are totally ready!! And you look as cute as ever!!