Thursday, January 7, 2016


I cook 6 chicken breasts each the size of my face, five batches of orzo with white wine butter sauce with three bags of spinach for freezer meals. Cookie dough for cookies for someones bday tomorrow. All with Olivia's "help" (aka it took cracking 4 eggs to get two useable ones).

At 5:30 when Dan normally walks in the door, I spill boiling orzo all over the floor, burn my hand, and as I'm frantically wiping all the orzo off, I rip open my thumb where I cut it on crab legs Sunday night. Back hurts too much to stand any longer. 

Look at my phone. Dan texts "going to be home late tonight." 


Decide to sit. Feed Olivia fruit snacks for dinner and put on Doc mcstuffins on TV. No energy to clean. Know that the orzo will be cemented to the cabinets. Don't care.

Got a bandaid for me. Olivia needed three.

Walk into the kitchen and all the orzo is cleaned up.

It's spotless. No residue. I didn't hear anything.

Thinking it's a miracle. Don't know how, but a miracle has happened.

Then remembered we have a dog.


  1. Oh goodness! You did not have a good start to your week. I hope its gotten better.Thank goodness for dogs!

  2. That is quite a lot of drama for one day!! No more cooking for a few days and lots of taking it easy. Glad fruit snacks and some doc could make everything better. Oh and a super helpful pup. Way to go pup!!

  3. My favorite line: Got a bandaid for me. Olivia needed three.

    Poor Mama! I fed Jack fruit snacks for supper last night. He refused to eat the chicken and I gave in. The Middle was on and I wanted him to hush.

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  5. Too funny! (About the dog, the rest was sucky, for sure) I applaud your ambition girlfriend, and am glad someone else was there to help clean up the mess when things didn't go as planned! ; )

  6. Dogs are awesome! Hope the rest of the week was better!

  7. Dogs are the best and cooking is over rated. Sorry for a rough Tuesday - you are such an overachiever! Hope this Tuesday is much better!

  8. The best part about having a dog! Hope Wednesday has less drama for you.