Friday, January 19, 2018

17 Weeks

Feeling really good this week. I was only sick for two last week - which is a huge improvement. By this point with both the girls, I was anemic - so I never had that "second trimester" feeling okay. I went from sick to so exhausted it hurt to lay down. This week, I've even had times where I forgot I was pregnant - I thought about sledding down the hill on my stomach. I am officially the girl I have hated for 22 months of pregnancy. 

We find out the gender in a week and I can't WAIT!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Olivia and Baby #3

1. We never mentioned more children to Olivia so that she never got her hopes up. Over the summer she told us, "I think we are going to have 3 more baby girls - and we'll name the next one Sofia." Funny, but she loves Sofia the first so totally makes sense.

Then, I had just found out I was pregnant, and never said a word in front of her - we were at the Dr getting flu shots and one girl was screaming her face off. I said "I'm so glad she's not my kid - I love you, and I love Emma" and Olivia goes "and you love baby Sofia."

....I'm wondering if, boy or girl, we'll have to name this one Sofia.

2. When we finally told the girls just before Christmas, Olivia's first reaction was: "I don't know if its a boy or a girl - but if it is a boy, can we pretend it's a girl, call it a girl, and tell people its a girl?" ...sure. 

3. Whenever my stomach gets bigger Olivia points and says, "look mommy! Our baby is getting bigger!" It is the sweetest thing. 

4. Olivia told Emma, "Emma, you are probably going to have to ride in the back of the grocery cart. You are about to be a big sister, and big sisters can't fit in the front seat of the cart." I just love how she's constantly thinking about having a new baby, even in the random day to day things. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

16 Weeks

Up 10 pounds, just like with Emma, putting me on the 55 pound weight gain path. That's never fun to lose, but 100% worth it when that sweet baby is born. 

I have been craving blackberries and raspberries, eating a package of each a day for the past few weeks. I asked Dan to run to the store to get more berries, specifically black and rasp. He comes home with blueberries. At least 3 kids hasn't changed him a bit. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

15 Weeks

This was at 5 am, I was exhausted, rocking any elastic waisted pants I can. But I do wish there was another picture of Dan, how happy he was to get out of bed to take this picture, and how good his hair looked. 

Although I showed a lot earlier this time, everything seems to be evening out. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

14 Weeks

I chopped all my hair off. I figure I'm getting fatter every day and wont be cute again for another year - so might as well. ;) 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The First Trimester - Baby #3

This go-round I didn't document much from the first trimester - so I am going to go off of memory. I did read through my last two 'first trimester posts' and found it so interesting to read how miserable I was and anything that might have worked.

I was just as horribly sick as I was with both girls - but this pregnancy so far has been just like Olivia's. Dan swears it must be a blonde ;)

One day I told Dan I really wanted pad thai. He was like, the last time we had pad thai, you were pregnant with Olivia. I search for the 'right' pad thai place - and we head over there. The minute the waiter brings over the pad thai - I tell Dan, "I can't eat even one bite of that - I will throw up." Dan goes, "same with Olivia, you wouldn't touch it when I brought it home" 

So we take the leftovers home and Dan heats them up in the microwave (green face emoji). I went on a rampage, 'I have to get out of the house, this smells so bad, we are never having pad thai again, I will never have it again in my life.' Dan goes, "same exact speech when I heated up the leftovers last time." 

For weeks, I couldn't eat a thing but clementines and English muffins. I couldn't microwave anything or cook anything. I couldn't even scoop peanut butter for Emma without throwing up. Everything, every smell, every food made me puke. Indian food is normally my favorite and everyone at work knows that I always eat Indian when they come in on Wednesdays - I was having to pretend to have lunch out with made up friends - and would sit in my car - to not give myself away. 

I've been pretty tired and heading to bed when the girls go to bed. Which means the house is a disaster, I don't get any work done, and any house projects / blogging / laundry / crafts / conversations with my husband have been non-existent. Dan has been a LIFESAVER. He has done all dishes, cooked meals (pizza delivery totally counts!), wrangled kids through bath and bed, done laundry, diaper duty, house projects, and grocery pickup for me. And he's even taken a jar of peanut butter out of my hands when I looked like I was about to cry having to get some out for Emma. 

I have only wanted fresh fruit this pregnancy - specifically berries. With Olivia, I craved salads and fresh things - with Emma I craved meat. As much as I love sugar, I really don't do well with it. I start shaking and feel like I'm going to pass out. Those preggie pop drops helped the nausea quite a bit with Emma, but this time they are way too sweet and I don't do well with them. 

As I type this I'm 15 weeks and starting to feel better. With the girls it went away at 18-20 weeks - so I think I only have a few more left. I can eat about 50% of the things I used to be able to eat, and have a few hours a day when I'm not sick. I even helped Dan with the dishes yesterday ;) 

I think this third time around, getting through the nausea is much easier because I know how much it's worth it. It's such a short time compared to your whole life - and those little babies are just so cute and worth every minute of misery. I might feel differently when they are teenagers. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

13 Weeks

13 weeks and all fancy in my "did I just workout - you'll never know" clothes.