Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sharing a Room on Vacation

Olivia will be 4 in October and Emma is 18 months. Olivia has been begging for Emma to sleep in her room basically since she was born. And Emma has been loving Olivia's room recently. We have let them share a room at my parent's lake house - which was hit or miss. Mostly, we worried that Emma's crying would wake O up. 

The first night in Atlanta the girls shared a room and Emma cried on and off the good part of 5 hours. Olivia never woke up, and never heard her. Our fears were unfounded - haha.

So we let them share a room at the beach. This has been hysterical. I'm sure no one is sleeping - but we are all enjoying it.

The first night they giggled a bit, went right to sleep, and in the morning we woke up to more giggles. We came in to find Olivia in Emma's pack and play with her.

The second night we had to ask them to pipe down a few times, and in the morning I found Olivia laying on the foot of the bed, and Emma standing at the edge of her crib both watching Doc McStuffins. Olivia said she had found the remote and turned the tv on for them.

Night 3 Olivia looks at us and says, "Mama, if you hear Emma crying, don't worry, I've got her." SO SWEET - until we realized she didn't want us to come in. 

We heard tons of giggles, a few crashes, saw Olivia sneak out one step, and then sneak right back in, closing the door like she had been caught. I came in to find the TV on, the lights on, and Emma running back and forth with the loud patter of bare feet across the room like a wild alpaca that had gotten loose. She was squealing with delight. I asked Olivia how Emma got out and Olivia said, "I scooted her crib right next to my bed, and then I learned her how to get out." We were DYING laughing. 

After settling them again, and threatening them some, it was pretty quiet until we heard Emma: "ut oh" "ut oh" "mom-eee" "mom-eee" "ut oh". Went in to find Olivia sound asleep, and Emma with 4 pillows piled on her in her crib. Dan set up the go-pro in there before sneaking out to watch some of the madness. Olivia got up, unplugged the go-pro and went straight to sleep.

These girls are up super early and just laughing! We joke that Emma wakes Olivia up and goes "You wanna build a snowman sandcastle?"

These kiddos are too much. I love how much they love each other - even if they aren't getting a ton of sleep on vacation. Maybe, just maybe, they'll be ready to share a room one day. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Destin 2017 - part one

We are only two days in, but we have had a blast so far. The girls are true beach bums and could stay out in the ocean or play in the sand all day. I think we should move here. I love the beautiful clear water, the baby powder sand, and the fact that we are all off of work for an entire week. 

I set my out office and the last one entered said "returning December 26th" - it was time for a vacation!

We've had shrimp and lunch at the whale's tail and margaritas and made at least 13 sand castles and bought cheesy Destin shirts (and the snow globe Olivia shattered on the floor) - and it's only just begun. 

All in favor of more vacations say aye. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Emma Painting

I actually brought my big camera out to capture a few pictures of the girls. And then Emma insisted on painting. And then insisted on painting herself. So I let her, still tried to capture a few shots, and dunked her in the baby pool afterward. 

This is her "I'm trying to be shy" smile.

Little thing only has 4 teeth, but here you can see two of them. 

This is the face she makes when she is saying "ohhhh" like something is cool or shiny or pretty. I just love it!!

And quickly it turned to painting herself. 

But ending the day in the baby pool is what summer is all about. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sister Matching

I cannot get over how sweet these girls are to each other. They are always thinking about each other - if one is getting a snack, they always get extra for the other - they are always imitating each other, playing together and laughing together. I love how much they love each other.

And how much Emma hates pictures.

AND how Emma insisted on wearing stick on earrings all day.

And how most of the pictures looked:

Monday, July 3, 2017

Olivia Update

Since my big girl’s half birthday has come and gone, I thought it was a great time to do an Olivia update. She’s turning into the most fun, sweetest, craziest, most adventurous little girl, and I cannot believe she was ever a baby. She also makes Emma seem even more like a baby so I’m just soaking up this stage and loving every minute of it.

She is a rule challenger and rule follower at the same time. She asks a lot of ‘why’s and adamantly tells me how she doesn’t want to go to bed. Every.Single.Night. But she doesn’t like getting in trouble and will usually do what we ask of her, once fully understanding the consequences and trade-offs. We can usually count on her to do what she’s told. And to make sure Emma is following the rules too!

 She is always up for an adventure! She asked when we could go on an airplane again. If we could go to the snow house (Colorado) in the summer, to see what it would be like without snow. Can’t wait until our August beach vacation. Always wants to go to the lake house. Up for all kinds of new restaurants, breweries, playgrounds, etc. I asked her if she wanted to go to a Bagel place. Without hesitation she goes “Yes!” And I asked if she knew what a bagel was (we don’t eat much bread) she goes “Nope!” Not even knowing it was food, she was down. 

She’s always been shy, but her teachers are teaching her to stand up for herself. Instead of being sad when kids mistreat her toys or her, she (per guidance of her teachers) stomps her foot down and says “I don’t yike dat!” It makes me so proud. One child was hitting at her and spitting in her face constantly. She told that little girl “I don’t want to play with you anymore when you treat me like that.” She followed through with it! It took a few times on and off, and that child might still spit at others, but she treats Olivia well. ;) (And her mom might have been mad at both me and Olivia for her “harsh words”, but that’s a whole other story – goodness!)

She has a heart of gold! On Easter, we had so much candy, Olivia said, “we should give some to people who don’t have any candy.” We’ve been trying to include her in charity type things. Dan and I spent a Saturday running all over Charlotte to pick-up clothes and household items to deliver to a family who’s house burned down. Olivia said “like the house that burned down, they probably don’t have any candy.” I love her!

She is so sweet to Emma, and I can always count on her to help me keep an eye on her. She makes sure Emma stays out of trouble and out of danger. She always shares food and toys with her. She made Dan move her carseat so she could sit right next to Emma. She likes feeding her her bottle, teaching her things, and always calls her “boopers” “booper scooper” or “boop scoops” and squeezes her cheeks like an old lady. She loves playing with her baby sister. And Emma wants to be just like her and do everything she does. Olivia always knows what Emma is saying – even though we don’t have a clue!

A friend nearby is an only child and Olivia said “I feel so bad for {friend}, he doesn’t have a baby Emma, he has to play all by himself.” (Melt. My. Heart.) And then she followed it up with, “actually he isn’t alone, he has me!”

She made her own lunch all year. She first chose candy and cookies, and after a few days of vetos, she started picking only healthy choices. One day she didn’t want to make it and I said “well, I guess you don’t need to eat lunch tomorrow at school.” She said, “mommy, but I be so hungee.” “Well this is your choice.” And she never refused again. She also folds and puts away her own laundry (which is my least favorite part of laundry). And she recently started packing herself for trips, without me even supervising. She doesn’t forget a thing! There’s no telling what she’ll wear, but she loves doing it all by herself.

She loves to help cook dinner, cracks eggs, and even sautéed the vegetables this week!

We treat her like she’s 8 or 9 and expect so much out of her. Sometimes it isn’t fair. She’s only 3 years old. But she’s so responsible and helpful that I forget she’s still just a toddler.

She mis-pronounces very few things right now, which makes me sad. Long gone are the days of “big wah wah” (ocean) and “huggle.” But she does say “windshield swipers” and “pokie posie” (ring around the rosie, but she clearly gets it confused with the hokey pokey). Shes calls newborn babies “born babies” and says her baby is “really born” which actually drives me nuts. So I’m sure she’ll say that until she’s 17.

Wet hair curls

I just look at her and am in awe of the sweet, responsible, good little girl she’s becoming. I hope we are teaching her that nothing in life is free, it has to be worked for. That we are lucky and to always lend a hand to those who aren’t in the same boat. To understand rules and consequences and the impact of her decisions, yet challenge those that seem unfair. To stand up for what she believes in and what is right. To teach people how to treat her. And that family is the most important thing in the world.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Five on Friday

1. That time we rushed through bed time and put the wrong shirts on the girls and didn't notice until the next morning.

2. Emma is the laziest baby and STILL wont hold her bottle.

Speaking of - I was cutting Emma's nails while balancing her bottle on my arm. I thought I was a rockstar mom, so I asked Olivia to take a picture. (She used Snapchat because thats her favorite app). 

3. Baby sisters can be so irritating.

But so cute too.

4. These acai bowls make my life. Fruit, nutella, granola, coconut, acai smoothie - obsessed. 

5. And last, but certainly not least. When Abby and I ubered to drinks on Saturday night. But I had to bring her a carseat to borrow. So we looked SUPER cool and it wasn't awkward at all.