Friday, July 6, 2018

At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it work? (& Giveaway!)

I have to share with you guys the coolest company.

After I got my braces off in highschool, my parents splurged for dentist whitening trays. I loved the results, but definitely had very sensitive teeth for awhile. I used those trays for touch ups (and more sensitive teeth) every few years. Eventually my teeth shifted and the trays no longer fit. But it was way too expensive to get new ones.
I tried the crest white strips and they didn't form to my teeth so left splotchy whitening and more sensitivity.

When smile brilliant reached out, I loved the idea and the price, but was a little skeptical. They send you a kit and fool proof instructions where you make a mold of your teeth and mail it in. Your custom trays arrive a few days later. The custom trays and whitening gels are right around $150, with a few different packages.

The trays fit perfectly! You whiten for 45min - 3hours for anywhere from 7-14 days. It's super easy to do while cooking dinner, getting the kids ready for bed, or watching TV at night.

The best part? There is a desensitizing gel. I was skeptical here too. After whitening, you fill the trays with the gel and leave it on another 15-20 min. It sounded like an unnecessary step, but let me tell you, I have had zero sensitivity through this whole process! It really takes the worst part out of the whitening process.

I can order more whitening tubes for touch ups, with custom trays that fit! And now, for a super up-close picture. 

For 15% off your purchase, use coupon code: lovelikecrazy15 They are being incredibly generous and giving away one $149 kit to a reader. To enter, click here! Giveaway is open to USA, Canada, UK and Australia. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sloan's Birth Story

I loved reading back through Olivia and Emma's and all the things I had forgotten. Hopefully the sleep deprivation hasn't made me forget any key details in one week. 

This was the best delivery yet. Sweet Sloany who caused so much pain during pregnancy, at least came out pain free.

As you know, I was on the induction list for the Friday before, but so many people came into the hospital in labor they weren't able to take as many inductions as normal. So began my time on the "wait list." I got a phone call every morning and every afternoon saying "its not likely that we will get you in this shift." I had to keep my phone on me - because if you miss the call, they go down the list. 

I cancelled all my future doctor appointments. I couldn't walk well enough to get into the office and it just wasn't worth it for another "I bet she's coming any day" visit - like I had had the past 4 weeks. They called to let me know I needed to be seen - I sort brushed that off a few times. 

Thursday rolled around and the afternoon call said to call at 8pm to talk to the night shift people - it was unlikely, but the lady wanted to make sure I didn't get "missed" - whatever that means. I called - they took a message for the induction person to call me back right away. Didn't hear anything. I had 0 hope.

At 10:30pm I took a tylenol pm to hopefully get some sleep, and the phone rang: "can you come right now?" Umm I guess morning isn't an option? "If you don't come now, you go back to the bottom of the list." We're on our way.

I wasn't quite sure what to do with the kids. Backup was always, Dan stays with them, I call when baby was born. My parents had just gotten to Atlanta, and I knew I didn't want them driving all night long. My friend Abby generously offered to be our on-call night person, but she had work in the morning. When I hung up, I saw a text from my parents "we just got back to the lake, just in case." (The lake is 2 hours from us). I called - "welp - come on up!"

Abby came over to watch the girls until my parents got there - she's a godsend - pregnant, work night and she's hanging at our house until 1am.

I felt stupid using the wheelchair for the first time ever into Labor and Delivery ... for a scheduled induction. But I just couldn't walk. We got all checked in and hooked up and they let me know that I would be on antibiotics for 8 hours. WHAT. We thought for sure we would have a baby in 8 hours. It was fine, because my doctor was on call first thing that morning - but I REALLY wanted to sleep and the sleeping pill I took REALLY wanted me to sleep. 

The nurse said "try to get some rest, I'll check on you every 30 minutes." I'm sorry - that doesn't seem possible. 

They started pitocin around 6 am and I INSISTED on the epidural right away. They advised against it, but since the girls came so fast that I barely got one, I didn't want to risk it. She asked if I had a written birth plan, and I replied "would you like me to write down the word epidural?" 

They started the epidural soon after and there was all this talk and instruction that I don't remember at all from the girls. I was in so much pain with them, it was a blur. 

The epidural kicked in and the doctor came in to break my water. Super weird thought. But I couldn't feel a thing. I highly recommend an epidural.

We just hung out. Watched contractions on the monitor. They would get stronger and more intense, and then die out for an hour, and start back up. Apparently that is normal. They kept telling me to rest - but the printer paper was low and it sent an alarm, if any fluids were low, it sent an alarm and a cuff took my blood pressure every 15 minutes. A few times it was too low and they had to up fluids. All in all, impossible to rest.

Around 11 am they said it was time to push, but to wait on the doctor. No probs, I have drugs, I can't feel a thing. Twenty minutes of pushing and Sloan was out at 11:57am. Honestly the IV was worse than childbirth.

The cord was tightly wrapped around her neck, so that scared Dan and the doctor for a bit. My doctor had given Dan a lesson in delivering a baby - since Emma came so fast, they both thought Sloan would be delivered on the side of the road. The lesson included slipping the cord over the head if it was wrapped around. Dan was watching as the doctor tried a few times and Dan started to worry. My doctor had to cut the cord instantly to get her undone - so good thing she wasn't born in the Honda Odyssey. 

They don't weigh the babies right away - this is new since Emma - for about 8 hours after birth. So we had to wait awhile to find out she was 8 lbs 15.4 ounces, 22 inches long, and her head was wayyy off the charts at 38 centimeters. I think she was fully cooked.

It was the easiest, most peaceful delivery - yet we still got the excitement of rushing to the hospital with no warning.

My parents brought the girls to meet her and they were so excited, proud, and in love! I have never seen Emma so sweet.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

House renovation post 2

I wrote this last week, but had trouble publishing it. I'll share final pictures soon.

We are so close to finishing! And it seems like baby girl waited until the house was mostly all back together before coming. Is the high maintenance? Or does she just love her sleep like Dan?

They still need to finish up the flooring in the new room, bathroom, and closet. We have some bathroom fixtures to put in, a few outlets that are missing, and lots of cleaning to do - but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Some more progress pictures before we get to the finished product!

Monday, July 2, 2018

She's here!!

I'll share her birth story later when I take the time to write it. But this was the most peaceful delivery of our sweet Sloan. She looks like a blend of Olivia and Emma. I can't wait to watch her grow up and to keep telling her to never grow up.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

40 weeks

I have never been this pregnant. It's funny, I assumed Olivia would be late because first babies usually are. So I was pretty surprised when she showed up early. Then, after Emma came right around the same time as Olivia, I just knew this baby would be a 39 weeker too. Probably also born on a Tuesday. :)

THEN the doctor scheduled an induction in week 39 and part of me thought she'd come on her own prior, but I knew we had a solid end date in mind.

Starting at 36 weeks my Dr said she'd be here "any day now." People were stressed making me pack my bags and get everything squared away for the new baby.

Now my packed hospital bag has been tormenting me the last 3 weeks. My induction gets delayed each day saying theres no room in the inn. Never would have thought she'd be a July baby!

Still in a lot of pain - nights are the worst. But I just keep thinking about wanting a healthy baby girl - no matter how much pain that means. But I have to admit I do worry about her being "overcooked" - haha.

Also, I'm up 57 pounds.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

39 weeks

I have been pretty cranky this pregnancy, mostly from the pain. But I'm so excited to meet our newest family member, see what color hair she has, figure out what we'll name her, see Olivia and Emma meet her and get tons and tons of newborn snuggles. The day the girls were born we're my two favorite days of my life and we still have another favorite day ahead of us. That is so exciting!

I can't believe there's a whole baby in my stomach. Like a whole, fully cooked newborn. Its always so amazing and doesn't even seem real.

Recently, I've made sure to focus on that. My hip pain has gotten so bad I can no longer walk as of Saturday night. Poor Dan had to do everything on father's day. I have had sweet friends who get the girls from their class and bring them to my car. Olivia has been a huge help. And I've ordered dinner delivered each night. So it's been very managable. But with the renovation, we are really down to only the master bedroom. So, working from home, I feel like I'm confined to one room all day and all (sleepless) night.

I saw a chiropractor yesterday (have never been) and he was a miracle worker! I barely got from car to his office and then was skipping back out. Definitely the boost I needed to get through until Friday. The pain has come back, so it was definitely short term relief, but was a wonderful break. I'm going once more tomorrow.

Technically, we are just on the optional list for Friday, so if people are actually in labor, I would get bumped to Monday or later. I think that would be super disappointing. But, either way, we should meet her really soon. I hope this is my last update.

Pregnant AF.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

38 Weeks

Up 48 pounds, so swollen, and over it. I can barely walk, my hips hurt so bad. Let alone carry Emma, get her dressed and buckle her in the car. They don't have school this week, so I know that is making things tougher. I think Sunday I hit the "I'm so done" point.

I don't think I ever got to this level of pain with either girl. BUT 10 more days and she'll be here. And I'll completely forget about all this and be so happy that she cooked so long!

We packed the hospital bag! We've washed the bassinet cover! And we are 9 days away from our renovation being finished! Still have to dig a few things out of the attic to wash, but I think we're really close to being ready for baby sister.

Besides a name. Olivia is in tears over wanting to name her Lillian. Dan and I aren't so sure - it's not even a name we considered. We know a few Lillian / Lillys. And Olivia says no one would be allowed to call her Lilly, ONLY Lillian. We'll fight the name battle at a later date - haha!