Thursday, October 30, 2014

Olivia - 12 Months

Height: 29 inches (30%)
Weight: 18.5 pounds (30%)

Sleep: She is still sleeping 7-7ish, with two naps a day. 

Eating: She loves dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese. We still struggle with vegetables, but homegirl will rock a spinach smoothie. And the doctor just gave her the go-ahead for cow milk. Once we finish the formula in the cabinet, we will start with that. Much easier!

Milestones: She is walking all over the place these days! She has figured out how to go down the stairs. She learned to use a straw. And she had her first cake pop. Big month for Olivia!

Clothes / Diapers: I think its time to finish our package of 3s and move up to 4s in diapers. Still true to size on her clothes. I think she'll live in capris though. If they fit in length, they are too big in the waist. Any tips on pants for skinny minis?

Best Moment of the Month: Capturing this video. Anytime she's laughing and I pull out a phone or camera, she stops immediately to snatch it from our hand. I play this almost every day. Love her giggle.

Parent of the Month Award: Besides the bumps and bruises from learning to walk, the cake pop that fell on the ground that I picked right back up to avoid the meltdown, and the fact that I bought her a dog toy because it crinkled and I thought she'd love it (she didn't), this goes to Dan. I told him the other day "I was cleaning up the kitchen and she went for the dog food, and I wasn't fast enough - so she put a piece in her mouth. Yuck." His reply? "Don't worry. It's not the first one she's eaten." Great..

Favorites: The PBK anywhere chair that my parents got her is a favorite. She loves climbing it, sitting in it, drinking her milk in it, etc. etc. She loves throwing food off her high chair for Da (Koda). Other than that, she loves being outside. She stands by the door slapping it and yelling. She's already learned too many things from the dog. 

Dan and I have a few favorites. Her pack and play is the best for sleeping at friend's houses, taking with us for travel, etc. - and its so easy to open and close. Her snack trap is perfect for giving her some cheerios with a smaller chance of her dumping it on the floor for Koda. Grape scented Boogie Wipes are the ONLY way to wipe her nose. LifeSaver. And the youtube video of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off or Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass are always hits. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flower Baby pt 2: The Wedding

Another two part post, but there were too many pictures!

At the wedding ceremony.

I made her headband from a necklace I found.

She was pulled down the aisle in a wagon.

She changed bows for the reception. Clearly.

Dancing queen.

Then, we're dancing and Olivia lays on the ground with her head in my lap and legit passes out on the dance floor. #partyfail

Photo credit, Meredith - the MOH

My little party animal couldn't quite handle all of the fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Flower Baby pt 1: Rehearsal

These are a little behind - but a few weekends ago we went to Atlanta for one of my best friends from high school's wedding. I was a bridesmaid and Olivia the flower baby. 

At the rehearsal, she wore baby peplum, because, of course.

Our attempt at a family photo. #fail

Attempt two went much better. Note the cheerio in Dan's drink. Life of a dad.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday

1. I forgot to mention that on Olivia's actual birthday, I picked her up from daycare early and we went to Starbucks and shared a cake pop. Olivia thought it was the shiz. So, to avoid a meltdown, when she dropped the whole thing on the ground, I picked it back up and gave it right back to her. Mom of the year.

2. The day after her birthday, she had her one year doctor appointment and had to get shots. Chicka was pissed. So pissed. On the way home, she started falling asleep when Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" came on (her fav song). She opened her eyes big, threw her hands in the air and yelled as if saying "don't change it, this is my jam!" She waved her hands around, fist pumped, and danced the rest of the way home. 

3. A few days later, I received a text from Dan that was a link to the 'Shake it off' music video on youtube. Turns out, Olivia had somehow texted me that from Dan's phone. Girl clearly has a favorite song.

4. In other news, we finally hit the point where we can't eat candy/cookies in front of Olivia. I mean, I knew this day was coming. I knew it was part of being a mother. I planned for it. But it is still very hard coping now that it is actually here. The old days are gone, and my future includes shoving fistfulls of M&Ms in my face when she isn't looking, chewing when she turns her head, and binge eating candy at nap and bedtime. Moms - you guys have been there. Tell me I'll adjust to the new normal.

5. Hocus Pocus is set to DVR tomorrow on ABCFam. The following week, we're having people over to play the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game. Who's joining? (I also just found out this year that the cat's actual name is Thackary, not Zachary - it was a thing way back when. Maybe it'll be in the running for the next baby). 

Target dollar section glow in the dark koozies. Perfect accessory for the drinking game.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Olivia's First Birthday Smash Cake

Olivia loved her cake. I loved how her tutu puffed out around the back of her. 

The party hat was a last minute craft idea. I'm obsessed.

I apologize, two pictures in, Dan gave her a sippy cup. Maybe my mom will Photoshop it out.

She went face first into the cake. When she did that, everyone started laughing and cheering. I think it scared her because she sat straight up and went back to using her hands.

I think she did some pretty good damage. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Olivia's First Birthday Party: Blush and Gold

Olivia loved her party so much that the next morning she kept looking to the door and smiling, just waiting for more guests to arrive! She acts shy at first, but I think this little one loves a party.

I swore I would never do much for a first birthday - they don't even remember it anyway. Go ahead and add that to the long list of things I swore I would never do. I went a little overboard and loved every second of it!!

Most was a pinterest inspiration - you can see my board here

I already mentioned that I spent $45 at the dollar store - the kind where everything is a dollar. 45 items later - and a can of spray paint and we were ready for a party.

The trays, picture frames, vases, and letters were all spray-painted using the same color. It helped the fact that no golds match ever. 

I went to a craft store and picked up pink and gold cardstock, ribbons, sprinkles, and washi tape. The glitter gold card stock ended up being contact paper - which made it super easy to make her banner, cake topper, and the little "1" decorations.

I used the candy melts from the cake pops to pipe "one" on wax paper - when it dried, I placed it on top of the cupcakes.

I found some cake pop tips here. And some tips for melting the candy melts here.

The alcohol table. I found the straws at walmart. Twenty more years, Olivia..

On the porch we had the food. 

Water bottle labels from the same place as her invitations

Roses from the front yard.

Gold cups for the kids. With...nothing less than pink yogurt drops and goldfish. Did you catch on to that? Goes with theme.


For the mantle I framed one of each of her monthly pictures.

Pink lemonade jello shots. Recipe here. With more gold sprinkles.

And, the picture that inspired the entire party. We passed out gold rimmed rose as guests arrived. 

We had an after party, because what first birthday party doesn't need an after party? Bbq pork and friends made sides for dinner. The jello shots were served during the after party.

We had the smore's tray and firewood ready to go in the fire pit, but we all just hung out inside and on the porch.

Overboard? Yep. But it was so much fun!!