Meet Kelley

ABJ Photography
  • I love lists. Therefore, this whole 'About Me' section will be a list. Lists make me happy.
  • I overuse 'yall' and exclamation marks. I won't apologize for it.
  • I love Target. My bank account hates it. I always win.
  • I cannot for the life of me spell inconvenience. My work e-mail auto-corrects it to 'incontinence.' "Sorry for the incontinence" is awkward every time. Every. Time.
  • I don't sleep in. I don't take naps. I never took naps (sorry mom!). And I can't sit still long enough to watch a movie. 
  • I love both cooking and baking. I remember pulling a bar stool up to the gas stove, when I was too short to see over the counter, and cooking crepes for breakfast. Looking back, my dad says he was always worried I'd catch on fire. It's shocking, really, that it never happened. I guess there's still time.
  • I am a long-time user of the Oxford comma. Google it.
  • An unmade bed gives me anxiety.
  • I'll take 90 degree heat, over any other weather, every time. If it's below 80, I am cold. My husband makes me carry a coat in the summer.
  • I have my BA in Economics. How does a numbers-person write a blog? Welp, we shall see, huh? Let's begin.