Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

Olivia had her first snow day yesterday! Snow days are now fun for me too, because I have an excuse to work from home. Despite me being from Atlanta, not knowing how to drive in the snow, and a 35 mile commute - I felt a little silly not coming in on these days. Since school is closed, I have to stay home with her!

Dan and I even debated both saying we had to be home and that the other had to work (shhhhh), but it's busy season, so there's no way Dan could stay home. If we get a snow day in, say, June, he's all for it!

The little nugget also had a reason to wear the snowsuit that Gigi gave her. The Wisconsin grandmother is making sure she is prepared for cold weather! 

I could just eat her up! 

Catching snowflakes:

Okay, mom, its cold. I'm all done.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nursery Phase 2: The Finished Product

This post is long overdue. In my defense, we didn't get the dresser until the week Olivia was born and the glider a few weeks later. And no monograms could be ordered until we knew her name. Three months later, her nursery has finally come together.

Last I left you, we had painted the nursery Carolina Blue

We knew we needed to repaint, and we learned that gray was a much harder wall color than anticipated. A quick google search revealed we were not alone in our endeavors. 

So we grabbed a few more swatches:

And painted every 'true gray' on the wall that we could find:


Many looked kakhi, green, pink, etc. 

The darkest color you see is Benjamin Moore's Coventry Gray - the only one that looked truly gray in that room. We had that mixed at just 25% of the color (i.e. much lighter than the original). That's the top right - white looking color. 

Lesson learned? Alway paint samples when trying to pick a gray.

I used the same paint that I used to paint our door knobs on the outlet covers, light switch plate, lamp and light fixture. 

Then I spray painted a few Walmart frames white:

Spray painted a table white:

Added some fabric and buttons to the previously mentioned lamp:

Spray painted a wooden monogram white:

And spray painted a shelf white:

The bear has two eyes. He's just really fluffy.

A few trips to Target and Pottery Barn Kids finished her nursery. Take a look:

She's too young to sleep with bumpers, so I put them on just for the purposes of these pictures. And cleaned up. A lot. I cleaned up a lot.

Olivia's great grandfather and his wife gave us the canvas for Christmas. My mom took the photo. We're obsessed.

A coworker of mine painted the painting behind the chair and had it framed to match her nursery.

The bedding, curtain, pillow and glider are from Pottery Barn kids.

I am in love with the chevron crib sheets. And my little helper (with a cold) who hung out here while I took pictures.

We like Burt's Bees. And Target.

This was my favorite ultrasound picture of her. It looks like she's giving us a thumbs up. I was 12 weeks pregnant for this. It is amazing looking at that picture, and then seeing her now.

I did these prints in photo shop to match her room.

This one was based off of this blog post:

And lastly, my mom took this picture when I was 29 weeks.

I love how it turned out. I know Olivia won't remember a thing about it. Nor does she care. This room was 100% for me. But we do spend a lot of time in here: changing her, rocking, feeding her, putting away too many teeny tiny socks.

I think it was worth the two paint jobs. And 34 (exaggeration) cans of spray paint.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three Month Photo Dump: First String

I am honestly having the time of my life with her. I spend more time playing with her than actually taking pictures (despite the number of photos that are about to be dumped on you). I made myself take a few more over the last week because I know I am going to want to have these as she grows older.

Smiles are hard to capture because she usually stops everything she is doing to stare down the camera wondering what it does (or maybe when that bright light is going to flash in her eyes). 

I can't wait until its warmer out and we can take some pictures outside!

First time not swaddling. Our little burrito has arms!

Snuggling her Vera Bradley (no less) bunny (thanks Leah!)

It's been cold!

Side sleeping.

Staring down Jacques.

This face:

Whenever I hand her rings, she puts them on her arm like a bracelet. Such a girl.

Baby feet:

Ahoy cutie!

Define overstimulation?


These cheeks: