Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Olivia and Santa

"Mama, Christmas is Jesus' birthday!" That's right Olivia! "And we celebrate Christmas because God gave us Jesus on that day!" That's right! (Mom of the year, I'm doing everything right, I'm raising the world's best child, I am amazing!) "And on Christmas, Jesus comes down the chimney and leaves us presents!" Crap. 

Last year, Olivia didn't have much of an understanding of Santa. When she woke up Christmas morning, I told her Santa came, and she spent most of the morning wondering where the man was. I forgot to tell her he just came, dropped off gifts, and left.

So this year I was telling her all about the magic of Santa and how he leaves presents under the tree, and how we can leave him cookies.

The entire time she has this side eye. 

When I finish, "How does that man get inside my house?"

Legit question.

Dan told her to, "Be good, Santa is watching." She immediately looked at our security cameras and I spent the entire evening convincing her that Santa hadn't hacked them. 

She found a picture of herself sitting in Santa's lap and made me promise her I wouldn't make her do that this year.  She also wrote Santa a letter asking him to leave all presents outside because she didn't want him breaking into her house. 

She's slowly turning a corner. When her friends all got pictures with Santa, she did as well. She told us tonight, "Santa can come inside, but him better take hims boots off! Him would get mud on da floor! And him better be quiet. Him could wake up Emma. If him wake up Emma, him would have to pat her back until she fell back asleep." 

We have a few more weeks.

So far she's asked for TWO candy canes. And one pink present. I think we can manage. 


  1. I love Christmas parties and Christmas trees. Also the fashionable dresses of the partie are really attractive to me. I love all the gorgeous dresses for the parties. This year I am going to have a short white dresses

  2. haha Santa... Jesus... it's all in the details :) That's a lot of stories to keep track of :) I love how kids pick up information here and there and then come up with their own version of stories. Olive started a story the other day to a perfect stranger... When I used to be a little boy... What?!? Nope. Didn't happen.
    Love the matching Christmas outfits and I hope that Santa doesn't leave a mess behind when he drops off gifts for the girls. Olivia will hunt him down :)

  3. bahahahah I love it all. Lawter was very clear before going to see Santa that she would NOT be sitting in his lap. And she did not. : ) She's also asked for one big, heavy red present. I think I'm going to wrap up rocks from the driveway since those are her favorite "toys" anyways.