Monday, January 25, 2016

Olivia's Second Birthday

Wanted to share this little story and pictures. We had her party just a few days prior to her actual birthday. On her birthday, my mom came in town, and we knew we had to do a little cake for her to blow out a candle.

I had bible study (Olivia comes too) and had to rush home with a hungry toddler. We stopped in the grocery store to get a little cake. I saw one covered in sprinkles, went to grab it and Olivia yells "NOOOOO." So I tell her, okay what do you want? Silence. I offer all the different cakes, ice cream cakes, cookies, brownies. She yells no at all of them. I tell her "Olivia - today is your birthday. We have to pick something to put a candle in so we can sing you happy birthday and you can blow out your candle." She SPRINTS to the cinnamon rolls and says "here go!"

So, cinnamon roll with a candle it was.

She must have remembered her first birthday and she immediately stuck her face in it.

When we asked her how old she was, she said "TWO" holding up both thumbs and pointer fingers. 


  1. Olivia knows what she wants!! Who needs sprinkles when you can gave a cinnamon roll?? Smart girl :) I'm going to have to remember this cinnamon roll topped with birthday candle idea for my husband's birthday - he'd be thrilled.

  2. Aww Happy Birthday to Olivia! What a darling girl! I just started (5 months early like a crazy person I know!) party prep for Hal's 2nd birthday hoopla!

  3. Happy birthday Olivia!! That's how I like to eat cinnamon rolls too ;)

  4. hahaha Olivia is one funny girl!!