Friday, January 29, 2016

38 Weeks

Running out of shirts that will cover this belly. Also, because it's so big, unless there's a draft, sometimes I don't notice that my belly is hanging out until I walk past a mirror. I'd like to think of myself as super trendy, rocking the crop top. 

This week has been rough. Week 34 was pretty rough - a lot of pain and one of those "I'm never going to make it any longer" weeks. Then I had a few weeks where I felt pretty good! This week was back to "I'm never going to make it." Hoping it's just a low point and I start feeling better again soon. Either way - we will meet this little lady within the next 4 weeks. Which also sounds so long!

Planning to drag out all the baby items - bassinet, bouncy seat, car seat, etc. from the attic, wash the covers, and let Dan play 'how the eff does this cover fit back on.' It's one of his favorite games. I plan to leave him alone while he is playing.

Then, I plan to spend the rest of the weekend simply keeping myself, Olivia, and baby sister alive. Hopefully I'll cross those items off the to-do list as well.


  1. I know you may not be ready to share, but have y'all picked a name yet?

  2. haha do those covers really go back on easily!?! We washed our high chair cover and had the hardest time putting it back on! Good luck Dan. Hope the next few weeks FLY by because they are always the hardest/most uncomfortable/anxious to meet baby times. Take it easy and make everyone wait on you :)

  3. bahahha I'm totally having that issue with shirts right now! Anthony keeps asking, "Ummmm how are MATERNITY shirts not covering that belly?" because some of my tees and tanks I wear around the house give me that stylish pregnant lady crop top look as well :) hahah Sexy, I know. I'm sorry you're uncomfy right now- you really are so close and while it COULD be 4 weeks, it could also be like 4 days, right?? Stay positive, you're almost done! xo

  4. You're so close!!! Ps: Haven't forgotten to send the headbands. Just busy and procrastinate-y. It's going out today though!!