Sunday, November 6, 2016

Olivia's 3rd Birthday Party

Olivia was so excited for her Cinderyella party since May. I'm not sure what she's going to talk about now.

It started with donuts with her class the Friday before her birthday. She wanted to make sure everyone got a pink donut with sprinkles.

We ended up having to take Emma to the ER the night before - so we were all exhausted and it was quite the scramble to get everything together. But nothing was raining on Olivia's parade!

We had gummy ring pops and candy bracelets. Cinderella rings and magic wands. Cinderella labels, birds holding the signs, Cinderella faces and balloons. BBQ, chips, apple sauce, goldfish, and cookies.

Beer. Mimosa bar. And signs that said "because .. kids party #amiright?" and "18 more years Olivia."

A cake that Olivia picked out. 

About 20 kids. Pumpkin painting. Trampoline jumping. Hammock swinging. And mom forgot all about the glass slipper scavenger hunt. What can you do with 24 glass slippers?

After her party, I told her she could choose whatever she wanted for dinner. Cake and broccoli it was.


  1. Olivia is so dang funny! Awesome looking party- happy 3rd birthday O!

  2. What a fun party!! Love the Cinderella theme. You'll have to give out all those glass slippers filled with candy to her class for Valentine's Day :) Everyone looks so cute in their pink. I hope all is well with Emma - an ER visit sounds scary!

  3. Oh no!! Why did Emma need to visit the ER? Love the party pics. I can't believe Olivia is 3! That seems unreal!