Thursday, January 14, 2016

Halloween 2015

Again, a little late on this one. 

Olivia carved our pumpkin with her dad. She ran into her play kitchen to get a knife to "help" him. When it came to scooping out the seeds, they both got grossed out and mom had to step in. 

Olivia went as a lady bug. She was pumped to get candy. But the shy little thing that she is, she wasn't thrilled about having to speak or see people to get it. She didn't want pictures. There were also other kids out and about, and she wanted to stare at them instead of smiling. She got frustrated and ripped most of her dots off before I could capture many pictures. But at least the costume is documented.

She did great! She made her little friend Adrian do the door bell ringing. She was super shy and quiet the first few houses (which took about 45 minutes, toddler paced). And then she totally got the hang of it once it was late and most people had put away their candy. We have some pretty cute videos.

We had a bonfire in the driveway afterward - ate a ton of candy, and roasted pumpkin seeds. No crazy costumes for Dan and I this year - but it was a fun laid back Halloween.


  1. She's the cutest!! I love her oversized tutu ladybug costume. I also love that you had to step in and help when things got gross. The picture of her and Dan carving pumpkins together is so cute. Her Halloween outfit was so sweet. I can't wait for pictures in a few years of little sister sporting the same one.

  2. Such a cute costume! I'm going to suggest this to my sister for her little girl. You did good Mama!