Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Family Photos

I have been the worst about getting blog posts up. I had a moment when I realized that Olivia went from saying "wah wah" to "water" without us ever getting "wah wah" on video. She's growing up so fast, and I feel like the blog is the only way we will remember these little things. So I have got to be better about posting. Something tells me that adding another little girl in the mix will only make things harder.

But - I wanted to quickly pull together the family pictures we took for the Christmas cards. Family pictures are always so hard. We had a few recommendations of places to go from "photographers" (quotes because they CAN'T have known what they were talking about). There was so much dappled light from the sunny day and trees. 

We finally found one spot, in a parking lot (not the background I was going for) Olivia was STARVING and the brownie in the car could only be used as a bribe so many times. I'm bummed we didn't get a full family shot to get the belly in it. And after stumbling around in high heels all morning, that they never made any of the pictures. But we had a crying toddler on our hands and had to hurry out. Why do family pictures always end up being a mess of a day? But having these pictures with our precious girl is priceless. 


  1. Such sweet pictures!! Family photo shoots are exhausting. Glad you ended up with some good shots. Next year you'll each be holding a little girl!! :)

  2. Oh I think these are lovely! You look beautiful! (and yes, fam pics are hard. toddlers. (insert eye roll) hah) I think i have that dress, mine is navy and white striped with a coral accent around the neckline. You wear it much better than me! (which is why I rarely wear it!! hah)

  3. That last picture of her snuggled up to you - sooo sooo sweet!! I love the whole family one too!! They are precious pictures - even with a parking lot in the background!