Sunday, December 18, 2016

Emma - Ten Months

Height: 26.5 inches
Weight: 17 pounds

Sleep: Sleeping through the night!!! We've made it! And now I've completely forgotten about the sleep deprivation and couldn't go back. 

Eating: Still eating a ton of milk. So so on real food. She's a pretty lazy eater, and will eat it if you feed it to her. Which is annoying because she can totally feed herself. Beyond real food, she has eat a glass piece from a broken ornament, a few leaves, one dog food kibble, and an entire starlight peppermint. 

Milestones: She's walking around the furniture and using her walker. She can wave, clap, and I swear says "hi" "bye" "dada" "koda" and "baba" (bottle). I might be crazy about the talking thing, since Olivia didn't talk until 18 months (potentially exaggerating, I don't really remember), but she always says "hi" and "bye" when waving. Time will tell. 

Clothes / Diapers: 9-12 months and size 4 diapers.

Best Moment of the Month:  Sleeping through the night! Hands down. 

Parent of the Month: Why do I always get these?? Definitely when I caught her chewing on broken glass from a Christmas tree ornament. I thought she had gotten a candy cane, because her drool was tinted red. It was a cut. She smiled at me and fought me as I fished it out of her mouth. Please don't call child services. 

Favorites: I still love my Maya wrap ring-sling for holding Emma (it doesn't hurt my back like the Bjorn). 

Emma's favorite is Olivia. Olivia always makes cupcakes in her kitchen and puts "sauce" from a plastic soup can on them. Emma went over to the cupcakes, put it in the muffin tin, added the "sauce," and it was so sweet to see her playing just like Olivia. She wants to do everything Olivia is doing. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

I went to Target not too long ago and bought a bunch of stuff I didn't need. Who's surprised? 

They had these little gingerbread house kits for sale. I thought it would be such a fun idea for a play date. I grabbed 6 of these, santa plates, and a coloring table cloth.

I used gold washi tape to label the plates and their juice (two things they are likely to get mixed up). And also used it to label the champagne glasses for the moms. Why are there so many play dates that don't serve alcohol?? 

The kids pretty much ate candy for dinner that night. But they had a blast. 

And it was a fun little festive playdate. Target for the win, always.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Olivia and Santa

"Mama, Christmas is Jesus' birthday!" That's right Olivia! "And we celebrate Christmas because God gave us Jesus on that day!" That's right! (Mom of the year, I'm doing everything right, I'm raising the world's best child, I am amazing!) "And on Christmas, Jesus comes down the chimney and leaves us presents!" Crap. 

Last year, Olivia didn't have much of an understanding of Santa. When she woke up Christmas morning, I told her Santa came, and she spent most of the morning wondering where the man was. I forgot to tell her he just came, dropped off gifts, and left.

So this year I was telling her all about the magic of Santa and how he leaves presents under the tree, and how we can leave him cookies.

The entire time she has this side eye. 

When I finish, "How does that man get inside my house?"

Legit question.

Dan told her to, "Be good, Santa is watching." She immediately looked at our security cameras and I spent the entire evening convincing her that Santa hadn't hacked them. 

She found a picture of herself sitting in Santa's lap and made me promise her I wouldn't make her do that this year.  She also wrote Santa a letter asking him to leave all presents outside because she didn't want him breaking into her house. 

She's slowly turning a corner. When her friends all got pictures with Santa, she did as well. She told us tonight, "Santa can come inside, but him better take hims boots off! Him would get mud on da floor! And him better be quiet. Him could wake up Emma. If him wake up Emma, him would have to pat her back until she fell back asleep." 

We have a few more weeks.

So far she's asked for TWO candy canes. And one pink present. I think we can manage.