Friday, November 27, 2015

29 Weeks

I asked Olivia what she was thankful for, and she told me "wah wah" (water). I was pretty impressed. Thats a very good thing to be thankful for that we usually take for granted. Then I told her that her dad and I are thankful for her. I asked what else she was thankful for, and she said "baby dolls." I guess she's not going to say us. ;)

I asked her what she thought Santa might bring her for Christmas and her eyes lit up really big and she made this "wow" face with her mouth in an O and said "candy?!?!?" Sure. That's an easy one.

29 Weeks and definitely ate for two yesterday. Mmmm thanksgiving.


  1. Great picture! I think we all ate for 2 yesterday.

  2. You look wonderful! Not too much longer until baby gal arrives! Olivia is so smart!

  3. funny funny! you look GREAT!

  4. Such a pretty dress!! I'm glad you found a great deal on it b/c it's hard to want to spend a ton on maternity stuff. Olivia should be easy to please this year with tons of candy :) It'll be fun to see what she does get, but I bet candy will rank high on her list of favorites.