Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Olivia's Birthday Party

We had a sprinkles themed birthday party for my big 2 year old. Sprinkles are her favorite - and it's easy enough to throw together. Next year we will probably have to start buying Disney themed items, but I'll put that off as long as possible.

For her birthday, we got her this table from ikea and a trampoline. A little overboard, but Dan was dying to get her a trampoline all summer - so we waited until her birthday. I stained the ikea pieces before putting it together, because, according to Dan, I like to make everything more complicated. But it now goes really well with the wood in our house!

Olivia loves it! She colors with her dad and babies every morning. It is one of the best things we have gotten her.

She wore her two shirt from this etsy shop. They made her one onesie from last year. I asked if they could do a 'sprinkles glitter' two shirt, by any chance. They said no problem! The best company. 

She woke up to confetti filled balloons all over the house and loved it! Until they popped. "Ut oh mama! Mess!" 

We had sprinkles on everything - and so much sugar for all these littles ones! We had some pork sliders too. But, mostly sugar. 

Sprinkle popcorn, sprinkle topped marshmallow pops, sprinkle funfetti cupcakes, sprinkle wafer cookies, candy and chickfila.

The cupcakes had little "2"s written from candy melts.

Olivia was so excited for her party, that she talked about it all week. She was so excited for her friends to come over and screamed at the top of her lungs as each one came through the door.

It was pouring all day, so we had to move the party inside. We moved all the from the back yard to the garage, and the kids didn't even notice. They had a blast.

Her water table in the back was filled with rice - which is still a big hit!

We had smocks for all the kids and a little art project. 

The art was moved to the front porch because of the rain.

I had Olivia paint a few extra canvases after the party that I'm going to frame in her new room. 

I can't think of a party where a mimosa bar isn't appropriate. So, of course, her party had one too.

Champagne, orange juice, peach juice, St. Germaine, vodka, grenadine, and sparkling pink lemonade. The vodka went the fastest. I love our friends.

And we ended the day with a make your own sundae bar. I wanted to rim the cups with candy melts and sprinkles, but ran out of candy melts.

I bought a 2 pound container of sprinkles from Amazon. When it arrived I thought it was much bigger in real life than anticipated. We used almost all of it. SO. MUCH. SUGAR.

Everyone went home with bubbles - another favorite of Olivia's.

Olivia was too wound up to nap that day. She loved every minute of it. Our shy little girl sure loves having people around all the time. She is dying for another excuse to have all of her friends over again. And, I'm sure, more sprinkles.


  1. Olivia's party was adorable! Confetti balloons = GENIUS IDEA! I'll have to store that one away for next year. Mason (more like Daddy) is getting a trampoline for Christmas. I can't tell who's more excited Mason or Dean...okay and maybe me a little bit hahaha

  2. What a cute party!! I love that you've got a great set up rain or shine at your house. How nice is it to have a front porch and back porch?!?! The sprinkled everything was so cute and I'm sure the kids loved it. The personalized smocks and painting was so fun. I bet the kids/parents loved them. Your food bars are always super cute - love the variety and that there was fun stuff for the kids and adults. I've been wanting to get Olive a tiny table so I'll have to keep that IKEA one in mind. Yours looks great after you stained it :) Happy Birthday Olivia!!

  3. Beautifully carried out! Love your calligraphy! You are much more creative than I.

  4. Wow mama!! You are too fun! Love everything about this! Cute food, details, favors, projects- my kind of party, for sure! (and you're such a good sport, hooking everybody up with a sweet mimosa bar. I did that for L's gender reveal party and patted myself on the back for allowing others to partake when I couldn't. There's a special place in heaven for us, right?! ; ) hah) Let me know how you like that table; I've been perusing a few for possibilities for Lawter and saved a few ikea options to look at later!

  5. Such a cute party!! Love all the sprinkle details!

  6. So cute! I love the sprinkles theme! You really went all out Mama! It looks like lots of fun and all that sugar is perfect! I would have loved the mimosa bar but I would have drank all the champagne.