Monday, December 7, 2015

30 Weeks

This baby is 75% loaded and, for the first time all pregnancy, this belly measured on track instead of way ahead! 

I'll celebrate with an exhausted 5am picture and wearing my hair in a ponytail to work for the first time in months. Can someone give me a "topknot" tutorial? So I can wear my hair in a ponytail and call it trendy?

Up 30 pounds at 30 weeks, but Kim K has me beat, so I'm not feeling too bad about it. I didn't get yelled at at the Dr after Thanksgiving because they assumed it was all "salt / swelling" instead of mom's apple pie and ice cream. Free pass this time.

Rings still fit. Rocking the back brace, snoogle, and 3 times larger granny panties. Peeing every hour and not sleeping. Had about 5 minutes of heartburn the other day and boy was that uncomfortable. Seems to be the only symptom I don't get - and I'm now very thankful. 

Overall, I feel like I've been pregnant for 93 weeks and we can't wait to meet this baby girl! After she's fully cooked, of course!


  1. You look good! I have no udea on how to do a too knot, I stick with the extremely messy bun thingy HA! Sock buns are pretty easy and look neater. 10 more weeks you can do it!!!!

  2. haha granny panties! Glad you're rocking the back brace and only having a little heartburn. I've been eating Tums like candy to ward off the heart burn these days. You're looking great as always :) Your hair would look awesome in a top knot so you'll have to give it a try. Maybe something like this would work??

    1. I just checked that top knot video out. I wonder if I could manage to do that? I'll give it a try tonight. My top knots never turn out looking that good.

  3. Looking good Sweetheart! Can't wait until Christmas.

  4. Woohoo for 30 weeks!! You look fantastic and truly beautiful! You're doing great mama, home stretch!

  5. You look great and I can't believe you are 75% into this pregnancy. It seems like you just shared the great news of your pregnancy.

  6. Dang you are rockin that bump, and seriously, you don't look 30 weeks pregnant at all to me - by 30 weeks I was LITERALLY (ok, figuratively) the size of a house.