Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Last weekend we went to Furman's homecoming to tailgate. Apparently we need more purple. This belly doesn't fit in any of my old purple or Furman shirts. Next year.

Olivia had a blast. Until about two hours after her nap, when she started to get a little cranky. She played cornhole, ate a ton of M&Ms, and got to see her favorite baby, Braxton. When we got back home, after a 45 min nap in the car, she asked to tailgate again. I couldn't say no, so we grabbed some chairs and the cooler and ate dinner outside - tailgate style.

2. When your husband grocery shops for himself....

3. Olivia helped me make dinner. And Koda helped clean up. She did a great job scooping. But wasn't so keen on holding the rolled tortillas with two hands. Koda got a little more enchilada filling than I had planned, but Olivia loved showing her dada that she had made dinner when we got home. 

Of course she ate half the shredded cheese while sprinkling it on top, so she was too full for dinner. 

4. Dad life.

5. Olivia went to a birthday party for our neighbor, and had a blast. The goody bag she got was her favorite. She insisted on carrying it all the way back home. Could not get it to stay on her shoulder without dragging the ground. And had the brilliant idea to carry it like a necklace. Resourceful.

Who else is thrilled that it is the weekend??


  1. Too cute! Tailgating is fun especially with unlimited m&ms. Good idea to make dinner a team effort - she'll be cooking on her own in no time :) Olive has declared purple her "faborite color" so I'm eager to find her some purple things because we don't own much purple. Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Olivia and the treat bag reminds me of Hallie with her candy on Halloween! Too cute!

  3. These pictures are so cute!! I love you let her help with dinner! She is a genius with that bag too!! KC is obsessed with bags so she may just have a new "purse" ready to go under the tree :)