Monday, November 16, 2015

27 Weeks

27 weeks and I have officially hit the 'Dan will you take off my boots for me' phase. 

Craving salad again, like with Olivia. Up 22 pounds. If you take the exponential weight gain from here on out, add in the Thanksgiving and Christmas factor, I'll be up approximately a million pounds by the end of this. Trust me, I'm good at math.

Olivia's most recent name suggestion is 'hot baby.' Dan and I haven't discussed it at all. PTSD from trying to name the last one. But we have got to start - Olivia's suggestions are getting worse.

Olivia is so cute with this baby. She asked if baby sister could come out of my belly to play for a few minutes today. She constantly comes to kiss the belly and says "love you baby sister" and "hi baby sister." When she goes to bed, she has to say "ni ni daddy" "ni ni mommy" and "ni ni baby sister." 

Olivia was sitting in my lap and the baby kicked. Olivia goes "woah!" and I said "that was baby sister. Baby sister just kicked you." And Olivia gets this "wow" look on her face, and then roundhouse kicks me back in the stomach and goes "haha, I kick baby sister back." Couldn't stop laughing.

I passed my glucose test with flying colors. Bring on all the pies for Thanksgiving!


  1. Looking good! I remember the help me with my shoes phase and forget about wearing shoes that tie. I had my students tie my shoes if they got untied at school with Olive - haha :) I can't wait to hear little girl #2's name. I love naming babies so tell me your requirements and I'll send you some options :)

  2. Yay for passing the glucose test! Olivia is going to bea great big sis!

  3. You look beautiful! Can't believe your pregnancy is flying by so quickly! What's so wrong with "hot baby"? Maybe hypenated, but I like it.

  4. You look fabulous! I can't wait for Thanksgiving and left-over apple pie for breakfast!

  5. haha you are too funny! Congrats on glucose test- you're all set for holiday sweet treats now!! And still looking adorable! (Love that sweater poncho!)

  6. You are looking fab girl! Olivia really does know how to name a baby. I think she may be on to something. My sister just had a baby and her son calls Maybree Piggy Piggy (we have no idea where he came up with that) but it has kinda stuck. Poor Piggy Piggy.