Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Weekend With Grandma

Dan went to a wedding so grandma came in town to keep us company. Just a few quick and blurry pictures from that weekend.

Grandma brought me People magazines that her neighbor reads. After having Olivia, I'm so much less hip on what's going on in Hollywood. Olivia saw them and said "mine book." She spent each morning reading all the People's in her falcons jammies and bed head.

We went to the American girl doll store. This a store where we go to play with dolls, but none of them can come home with us ;) Olivia keeps looking at this picture saying "baby doll store." It was absolute heaven for her. If I hadn't bribed her with Chick-fil-a and a playground, I'm not sure she would have ever left.

And last, this little nugget is a shoe girl for sure. Grandma takes her heels off for one minute and Olivia is walking all around in them saying "new shoes. mine."

Olivia cried so hard when grandma left and ran to follow her car to catch back up to her. I know she will be thrilled to see her again Thanksgiving! 


  1. Love, love, love hanging out with my girls! Makes me sad that Olivia cried!

  2. These tiny girls and their shoe obsessions- love it! Grandma time is the best, wha tfun and special time for you all!