Thursday, November 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Found these photos on my computer from the spring and summer and realized I never shared them. 

I had a work call, and miss. no nap wouldn't stop fussing for attention. I panicked, handed her oreos and walked into the other room. She ate just the middle of each one and LOVED THEM! #momoftheyear

Sweet face in her Lilly for Target romper. If I had known we were having another girl, I would have bought all the matching Lilly I could get my hands on.

And this little one in her strawberry romper, seeweas and painted toenails. I wish she had worn this every single day.

Stopping to smell the flowers.

I tried to take fathers day pictures with the "DAD" letters like last year. Got a few cute shots but she would.not. hold up the letters. Dan got a painted mug a week after father's day instead. #wifeoftheyear

And a quick one of these cuties at the pool.


  1. She couldn't be any cuter! Love all of those photos! Also, smart girl...thats the best way to eat an oreo!

  2. She looks so tiny in these summer pictures! I love her strawberry romper and seeweas! I can't wait to see some big sis/little sis twinning pictures next summer :)