Friday, November 20, 2015

28 Weeks

The third and final trimester is here, and boy do I feel it. You know when you eat too much cheese dip and cookie cake at a girls weekend and spend the following week feeling swollen, large, and just want to wear a moo moo and sit on your couch because the thought of pants is uncomfortable? I think its going to be like that from here on out.

I had to order my favorite bra in large because the mediums aren't cutting it, its time to bust out the giant underwear I bought way too late when pregnant with Olivia, and the back brace I am wearing super accentuates the love handles. #sexyandiknowit

Still anemic, apparently, so I have to take even more iron. Since I have found that more iron = feeling even better, I'll take it. 

We are just so excited for this sweet little girl to get here (after she cooks longer, please!), to know her name, see what she looks like, introduce her to Olivia, etc. I think I'm even more impatient this second time around because I know how much more fun they are on the outside. But, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will fly by and then we'll just be a few weeks away. 


  1. You just keep looking cuter! Can't wait to see that sweet baby too.

  2. Well you look adorable if that's any consultation for the way you are feeling!

  3. You look great!!! And, it is just so much fun feeling uncomfortable all the time... They are pretty fun on the outside though, right? So exciting.

  4. You look so great!! I can't believe it's the third trimester already. I was so excited for my second for the same reasons!

  5. You look great as always so I'd never notice any of your complaints. Outgrowing things definitely takes a hit on the old self esteem, but it's all worth it as you know. Hope your back brace is helping your back! It's hard on your back to be wrangling a busy toddler + carrying a baby. Super mom!!