Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Five on Tuesday?

Five on Tuesday. Catching up.

1. On Monday morning, Olivia looked at me and said "mama, you so cute!" I think I've succeeded as a mother.

2. Kick counts? Dafuq? My dr was called to the hospital in the middle of my appt Monday. The new doctor asked if I was doing kick counts. Spending time each day to make sure I get 10 kicks within 2 hours. Yes. In my free time. I'm spending a few hours a day lying still and counting the number of kicks. Fairies also do our grocery shopping and cleaning while I'm lying down.

3. Fairies DO do our grocery shopping. Not sarcasm. Our grocery store just started the express pickup. You find your products online, choose them, pull up to the store and a bagger boy puts all the bags in your car for you. Its normally $5 a time, but they are doing a promo where it is free AND you get $5 off your order. So for now, I'm basking in the glory that is not taking my goat grocery shopping and not wasting an entire hour buying everything my pregnant self sees and wants. 

4. Did someone give Olivia her own Pinterest account? First of all, she insisted that her thanksgiving pedicure be this grey/purple color with a gold accent toe. I've never done an accent nail - actually, I rare change colors. Where did she come up with this?

THEN on Sunday, Dan brought down our shoes and socks since I like to see how lazy I can be about going up and down the stairs. Olivia grabs my purple socks from me and goes "mine boot socks, mama." Puts them on over her pants, puts on her boots, and makes sure her socks are about an inch higher than the boots. She wore them like that all day. I've never worn boot socks - where does she get this? She's a million times cooler than me.

Ignore Dan's less than thrilled expression. I requested to capture the boot socks prior to his morning coffee.

5. While wearing the boot socks, Olivia went to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Out of all the games there, her favorite was the slot machine. I'm concerned for her future.


  1. "Dafuq?" LOL! Olivia is way trendier than me; I must find her on Pinterest and follow her. Do you think she has a fashion blog too?

  2. Olivia is so trendy... seriously where does she get this fashion inspiration!?!? Please do us all a favor and get that girl on Pinterest. I love her big ideas and her tall boots. Kick counts... eeek! No toddler mom has time for that :) I'm loving your grocery fairy set up. Keep that up forever.

  3. Olivia has so much style. What a cool kid, love it!