Friday, December 25, 2015

33 Weeks

Every time I walk past a mirror, I've got Beyonce playing in my head. I don't think you're ready for this belly. #bellylicious

Although, I really don't think you are ready for this shirtless belly pic. But its coming at you anyway.

I just had to switch doctors. Mine is leaving to open her own practice, but won't be delivering babies right away. My new doctor's name is Thor. How cool is that? (His name was only 40% of my decision). And I almost liked him more than my normal doctor when I saw him once with Olivia.

He thinks this baby will be bigger than Olivia (and she was an 8 pounder at 39 weeks). At this point bigger = healthier. At 40 weeks, bigger = terrifying.

We've hit the point where baby is gaining half a pound a week (and mom's gaining 6 times that). Grow baby grow!

Lastly, my calves no longer fit in any of my tall boots. The calf weight gain struggle is real.


  1. Oh think of the sweet BABY in that precious belly! I love it!

  2. Yay for finding a new doctor you love!! I'm anxious to see if little sis really is bigger than big sis. You look adorable and are all baby :)

  3. Thor? Hah! Love it. You look fantastic!

  4. You are alllll belly!! And I totally agree - bigger is terrifying! My second was 8.6 and I was convinced my third was even more (my doctor promised they don't get bigger every time, my first was 7.2). At 35 weeks she asked if I wanted an ultrasound to check and I was like heck no, it has to come out whether it's big or bigger. Luckily she was a tad bit smaller.