Friday, December 11, 2015

Cheek to Cheek

Took a sick day from work today. Partly because I need to use the time before it gets deleted on maternity leave, and partly because I have a cold and have not been sleeping and could not get out of bed at 5 am.

When I picked Olivia up from daycare I told her we were going to skip her nap and spend the afternoon together. We could paint with real paint since its her favorite and the weather is great for an outside craft. She wouldn't get in the car. She wouldn't buckle. She wouldn't listen to me. I told her that skipping naps is only for a special treat. That we weren't going to be able to paint if we aren't being good and listening. She told me "no mama" and yet again, disobeyed. The whole way home I debated what to do. Kept thinking about how you can't threaten something and not follow through with it. I took her home and straight to nap. 

Stumbled across this blog (one of those facebook shares that pops up on your feed) and can't stop thinking about it. And being bummed that we aren't outside painting together.

But that post.

It's my whole mantra. 

It's why I always ask Dan if I can put her down to bed.

It's why Dan calls me 'the weak one' for going back in to rock her again, or rub her back one more time. 

It's why we can never stop playing early enough to get her to bed at a reasonable hour.

It's why work will never matter. 

It's why I've told 4 bosses over the past year and half that if my schedule isn't working for them, I'd walk right out the door.

And why I still second guess leaving her until 1 every day.

It's why I drove to Target at 8am to get her Doc McStuffins fruit snacks to share with her class for Show and Tell today.

It's why I'm taking a vacation day for the 30 seconds she's in her school's Christmas program next week. 

It's why we go for a 45 minute walk every single night no matter how much my back hurts. 

She is our entire world. And if anything ever happened to that little girl, I know the last thing I would worry about is spending enough time at work, keeping a perfectly clean house, or the fact that time warner cable broke our sprinkler pipes, sent our yard into a flood, and still wont call us back about refunding the plumber bill. 

The second that little girl wakes up I'm going to kiss those sweet cheeks, and we're playing with real paint outside.


  1. This pregnant lady was boo hooing by the end of this post. I had never heard of Cheek to Cheek's blog, but whoa they've had to deal with the most tragic thing imaginable. I seriously can't even wrap my head around it. Thanks for the reminder and for the perspective on what really matters. I need to slow down and treasure all the highs AND lows of this parenting thing.

  2. It's every parents' nightmare. And when you children have children...double it.