Thursday, December 24, 2015

Five - Christmas Edition

1. When Dan and I first decorated the tree, Olivia ran into the room, yelled "ball!" ripped one of the ornaments off and chucked it across the room. Please don't ever buy us nice things.

2. I asked Olivia what we should name baby sister. This is fun, because its a different answer every time. She replied, "baby Jesus." Although I love that she knows the reason for the season, I told her we weren't the Kardashians.

3. We asked her what she asked Santa for Christmas. She said "Baby dolls." "TWO!! Baby dolls!" (still the highest number she knows). "And one orange ball." So we asked, "What kind of orange ball?" She looked at us like we were idiots and replied "...Mine, orange ball." 

The problem with Christmas shopping early, is Santa never knew to get her an orange ball.

4. Olivia helped me make her great, great grandmother's ginger cookies that are a Christmas tradition. She's a great smasher. And she only ate 3 balls of cookie dough (there's no eggs .. so I clearly ate a few balls as well). 

5. Christmas sweets got us both like: 


  1. Olivia is too cute and you are too funny! The Kardasians! I have a feeling that Olivia thinks her name just isn't up par with what she would have named herself. Santa puts an orange ball (an orange) in my stocking each Christmas. Everyone always put them to the side, because who wants an orange when you can eat chocoate!

  2. We are hearing a lot of MINES at our house right now about everything. Hope Olivia got everything she wanted even if Santa's list was different than her list :)

  3. Thank goodness you are the Kardashians :) So funny! And every ball on our tree was thrown as well :)

  4. Such great LOL about the Kardashians!