Monday, December 14, 2015

31 Weeks

Always late on these. I take the picture on time, but never get around to posting it.

We joke that Olivia is bossy, but baby sister ... If I don't give her enough room, she shoves me harder than Olivia ever did. It'll be interesting to see who rules the roost come February. All I know is that it wont be me or Dan.

One of these days I wont take the picture at 5 am.

I've been destroying some salad. Dan is super nice in pretending that he is loving having the same salad with dinner every single night. I'll keep him.


  1. Oh how funny! Look out for those bossy babes! Hal is definitely the ruler of this house! lol Looking pretty!

  2. I have a hard time believing your weight updates with as itty bitty as you look in your pics lady! All belly, for sure. I wish salad was my "vice" right now hah. Actually, if I had to choose, I guess mine is cereal so could be worse. Liiiike ice cream. Ok ice cream sounds kind of good too.

  3. You look great in olive green!! It'll be fun to see how the girls settle into their new roles as big sis & little sis :) I wish I was craving salads, but it's been all the breads and sweets lately. Love your Merry Christmas plaid banner :)