Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nursery Phase 2: The Finished Product

This post is long overdue. In my defense, we didn't get the dresser until the week Olivia was born and the glider a few weeks later. And no monograms could be ordered until we knew her name. Three months later, her nursery has finally come together.

Last I left you, we had painted the nursery Carolina Blue

We knew we needed to repaint, and we learned that gray was a much harder wall color than anticipated. A quick google search revealed we were not alone in our endeavors. 

So we grabbed a few more swatches:

And painted every 'true gray' on the wall that we could find:


Many looked kakhi, green, pink, etc. 

The darkest color you see is Benjamin Moore's Coventry Gray - the only one that looked truly gray in that room. We had that mixed at just 25% of the color (i.e. much lighter than the original). That's the top right - white looking color. 

Lesson learned? Alway paint samples when trying to pick a gray.

I used the same paint that I used to paint our door knobs on the outlet covers, light switch plate, lamp and light fixture. 

Then I spray painted a few Walmart frames white:

Spray painted a table white:

Added some fabric and buttons to the previously mentioned lamp:

Spray painted a wooden monogram white:

And spray painted a shelf white:

The bear has two eyes. He's just really fluffy.

A few trips to Target and Pottery Barn Kids finished her nursery. Take a look:

She's too young to sleep with bumpers, so I put them on just for the purposes of these pictures. And cleaned up. A lot. I cleaned up a lot.

Olivia's great grandfather and his wife gave us the canvas for Christmas. My mom took the photo. We're obsessed.

A coworker of mine painted the painting behind the chair and had it framed to match her nursery.

The bedding, curtain, pillow and glider are from Pottery Barn kids.

I am in love with the chevron crib sheets. And my little helper (with a cold) who hung out here while I took pictures.

We like Burt's Bees. And Target.

This was my favorite ultrasound picture of her. It looks like she's giving us a thumbs up. I was 12 weeks pregnant for this. It is amazing looking at that picture, and then seeing her now.

I did these prints in photo shop to match her room.

This one was based off of this blog post:

And lastly, my mom took this picture when I was 29 weeks.

I love how it turned out. I know Olivia won't remember a thing about it. Nor does she care. This room was 100% for me. But we do spend a lot of time in here: changing her, rocking, feeding her, putting away too many teeny tiny socks.

I think it was worth the two paint jobs. And 34 (exaggeration) cans of spray paint.


  1. I love her room!! It's so crisp and bright. Her bedding is really pretty and I love all of the personalized details. Glad to get a tour :)

  2. She's so leetle in that picture! Absolutely LOVE her nursery. I love the navy/white/pink - that was my plan for if I had a girl. Love how the grey walls turned out to. Thanks for the tip!