Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three Month Photo Dump: First String

I am honestly having the time of my life with her. I spend more time playing with her than actually taking pictures (despite the number of photos that are about to be dumped on you). I made myself take a few more over the last week because I know I am going to want to have these as she grows older.

Smiles are hard to capture because she usually stops everything she is doing to stare down the camera wondering what it does (or maybe when that bright light is going to flash in her eyes). 

I can't wait until its warmer out and we can take some pictures outside!

First time not swaddling. Our little burrito has arms!

Snuggling her Vera Bradley (no less) bunny (thanks Leah!)

It's been cold!

Side sleeping.

Staring down Jacques.

This face:

Whenever I hand her rings, she puts them on her arm like a bracelet. Such a girl.

Baby feet:

Ahoy cutie!

Define overstimulation?


These cheeks:


  1. Lordy, she's gorgeous and growing up so fast!!!

  2. Kelley she is so precious!! I love the picture of Olivia with the bunny :)

  3. Naming her Ruby was one of the smartest things we did
    She's a Gem!!!

    1. Did my mom tell you that Dan got me a necklace with an "O" on it and the designer happens to put a ruby in every one of his pieces?