Saturday, January 18, 2014

Olivia - Three Months

Three months. This is when we no longer count her age in weeks, but in months. She is getting so old! The older she gets, the more fun she is. I am loving this age. We can still tote her around everywhere (like to new years, and she came to a bar with us for the Panthers playoff game. Yes, we brought our baby to a bar - parents of the year), but she is much more interactive. 

Weight: 12 pounds 6 ounces (40th percentile)
Height: 23 inches (70th percentile)

Sleep: She's always been a pretty good night sleeper - but her naps are still a struggle. We started not swaddling her and moving her bed time earlier all the same week she started daycare and I went back to work. It was a lot of change at once, and she seems to be doing very well. She goes down at 8:30 (we're still working on moving that back to 8). She usually wakes up once or twice where Dan hands her her paci and she immediately falls back asleep (although these are dwindling - yay!). She gets up at 5 to eat and goes right back down -- I'm talking like 5:08. And she is up for the day at 8 am.

Naps are a horse of another color. Just before daycare we were getting 3-4 solid crib naps everyday. We thought we were miracle workers! Well that stopped a few days before daycare, and its been hit or miss ever since. She skips her entire morning nap time to watch the other kids play and usually falls asleep about 15 minutes before I pick her up. Picking her up and putting her in the car wakes her up and that nap is OVER. The past two weeks I have been resorting to the swing, where she will nap for 2.5 hours after daycare. It's ideal for me to get work done. I know I need to get her back in the crib, but she's usually so overtired at daycare that the swing is the only thing that will work. Then her evening catnap before bedtime is in my arms. It such a short nap, my arms are a safe bet, and I like cuddling her. So I'll risk spoiling her :). I can also finish work at that hour - I save the things I can do one handed. 

Eating: She's always been a good eater. She has a 4 ounce bottle at 8, a 4 ounce bottle at 10:30, I nurse her around 1:15 and again at 5ish, and then we try and get as much in her as possible before bed (around 4-7 ounces). Most days there is another feeding thrown in there, whether at daycare, before bed, etc - it's just the inconsistent one. 

Best Moment of the Month: Christmas. Even though she was too young to really enjoy it. I loved seeing her eyes when she looked at the Christmas lights, and putting together the toys from Santa. Just thinking about how she will love Christmas in the years to come made me so happy.

Parent of the Month Award: This one goes to Dan for two moments. 1) I had a video that was going to be perfect to put here, but apparently I deleted it. :( He was trying to get her to roll over for the camera, so he lifted her up on her arms pretty high - she leaned back, head planted and you can hear him burst out laughing. (It wasn't quite as dramatic as I made it sound, and she wasn't hurt at all, but it was a pretty funny video). 2) I picked up Olivia from daycare and she was wearing tights and a t-shirt. No pants. Sister had no pants on. If it were preschool, she would have been sent home for indecency. 

Milestones: She found her hands so she's holding toys and putting them in her mouth. She grabs at my shirt and necklaces. She started rolling from belly to back a few weeks ago (thus ending tummy time whenever she wants) and a few nights ago started sleeping on her side. She braces herself, lifts her legs high in the air and uses the momentum to flop herself over and falls asleep. I don't think she'll ever roll from back to stomach because she hates her stomach so much. So back to side might be the closest she will ever get. She is also figuring out cause and effect. She pushes buttons to make noises (although sometimes is quite uncoordinated). 

Clothes / Diapers: She is still in 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. She's getting close to being too long for some of her footed sleepers. 

Favorites: She is loving her swing now. She will sit content in it (if she isn't already fussy) for almost 30 minutes - usually falling asleep. She never liked the swing before. 

She loves her playmat, Jaques the Peacock, her Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, and her rings hanging from the playmat. She also loves her walker that people thought I was crazy for getting a two month old. She loves sitting in my lap and kicking at the buttons. Or me pushing the buttons for her. 

Its hard to get non-blurry pictures of the wiggle worm, but these are my two favorites from her 3 month pictures:

And a few more:

And, lastly, a good shot of the bow clipped into her hair. 

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  1. I noticed that bow! And, her cute outfit! Her hair is looking redder to me and she is such a beautiful doll. I miss her and can't wait to see her.