Saturday, January 4, 2014

House Tour: The Downstairs

Now my house ain't much to talk about. But it's filled 
with love and grown in Southern ground. -Zac Brown Band

I found a few pictures of our old apartment the other day and I loved remembering what it looked like. Rooms have already changed in our house since we bought it: namely, a guest room turned nursery.

I know many more things will change, as we upgrade furniture, move Olivia to a big girl room, Dan's mancave turns into a playroom, etc. I know I will love having these pictures.

Our house isn't perfect. I would live out of the pottery barn catalogue if our budget allowed. Instead we have some Pottery Barn, a bit of Home Goods, and a lot of Goodwill, garage sales, and my parents basement. We love it, and it's what we call home. 

These are the unedited, 'lived in' pictures. I didn't remove furniture to decrease clutter, add lamps to improve lighting, or strategically place vases of fresh picked flowers (here's a secret, all flowers you see are fake). I am a little type-A and like all pillows in their place :) but you'll notice a bucket of Koda toys, and a corner of the kitchen where Dan piles his crap mail and car keys.

All these pictures were taken pre-Olivia, so the bouncy seat, bottle warmer, and playmat are missing.

When you first walk into the house through the front door and look right:

Our 'formal' living room, aka the extra furniture.

The pink wingback chairs I found in a garage sale for $30. I plan to reupholster them one day, but for now, they kind of go with the pink in the rug. 

The hallway from the front door:

Our dining room is just past the living room on the right:

I am in love with the nailhead trim chairs.

The half bath is across from the dining room, and the kitchen is just past the half bath:

Past the dining room on the right is the family room. The windows overlook the screened in porch and backyard.

I don't like rooms to have themes or color schemes. I find it easier to decorate if nothing matches. There's all different colors, patters, and woods in our house.

Looking toward the front door from the back door:

Looking toward the kitchen from the family room:

Looking up to the loft / mancave:

Every framed photograph on the walls was taken by my mother.

The jar on top of the microwave says "a penny a kiss, a penny a hug, we save our pennies in this little brown jug." It was hand painted by the owner and they were selling it for $1 in a garage sale. Dan was annoyed that I was buying useless things. I absolutely love it.

Our laundry room is to the right of the garage door. I love having it tucked away and a place where we can put crap and keep it hidden. There aren't any pictures of the laundry room. It's fulfilling its purpose and full of crap.

Notice aunt jemima, top left.

Dan's pile of things:


  1. Yay! I love home tours! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think your pictures are a lovely as your home!

  3. Why is your Mother roaming around your house at 6:10 AM?

    1. I don't know what to tell you. She's pretty creepy.