Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

Olivia had her first snow day yesterday! Snow days are now fun for me too, because I have an excuse to work from home. Despite me being from Atlanta, not knowing how to drive in the snow, and a 35 mile commute - I felt a little silly not coming in on these days. Since school is closed, I have to stay home with her!

Dan and I even debated both saying we had to be home and that the other had to work (shhhhh), but it's busy season, so there's no way Dan could stay home. If we get a snow day in, say, June, he's all for it!

The little nugget also had a reason to wear the snowsuit that Gigi gave her. The Wisconsin grandmother is making sure she is prepared for cold weather! 

I could just eat her up! 

Catching snowflakes:

Okay, mom, its cold. I'm all done.

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