Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years 2014

We were that couple this year. You know, the one who brings the baby to a party. Specifically, a two month old. 

Olivia did great. She gets a little temperamental in the evenings right before bed time and usually only wants Dan or myself to hold her. We tried to pass her around, but she just ended up crying. Took a little bit to get her settled down, but after that (around 10pm) - she slept all the way until 5:15am. 

People were blowing those party blower things - there was an intense couple of games of guys vs girls flip cup - a very cheerful "happy new year" - and many other incredibly loud noises that she slept straight through. 

She ate quickly at 5:15 and went back to sleep until 7:45. Not exactly the second stretch we had hoped for, and we were quite tired, but we were proud of her! She was a champ. 

I wish we had gotten some pictures of the three of us - but Blair did make sure that we captured the group shot right after midnight again this year.

In 2009 we graduated college and adopted Koda.

In 2010 we got engaged.

In 2011 we bought a house and got married.

In 2012 we decided to expand our family.

In 2013 we had Olivia.

I can't wait to see what new adventures 2014 brings!


  1. I LOVE flip cup! Hah. Looks like such a fun group to welcome in the new year. I'm sure one day not too soon you wont be the only couple with a baby at the party.

  2. 2014: Add an In-law apartment