Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas looked a little different this year.

We had a new wreath on our front door:

We did less lights because life with a two month old is crazy:

The tree was in a different room because we couldn't fit 8 people and a Christmas tree in our family room:

We had an extra stocking:

This guy had to build a toy on Christmas eve:

Santa came:

And we has this little chunk to take lots of pictures of:

I mean, LOTS of pictures:

Seriously, this poor girl:

Olivia's first Christmas was so much fun. We toyed with the idea of going to Wisconsin. I really want to take Olivia up there, and I know she would really enjoy the snow (maybe not this young), but the idea of flying with a 2 month old was a little much. Graciously, Dan's family all came to us for a week. My parents also drove up for a few days. 

I love big Christmases.  Having tons of presents under the tree. Lots of people over for dinner. Tons of leftovers. Wrapping paper messes. And chaos. 

We watched the classics: Home Alone, A Christmas Story, The Santa Claus, etc. We ate waayy too much food. And we enjoyed each other's company. We don't all get together nearly often enough.

Even though Olivia is too young to know what is going on, I had fun loading her stocking with diaper cream, gas drops, baby lotion, a new paci and a new onesie. And then laying out some presents that we got her from Santa. Seeing the magic in her eyes when she sees Christmas lights gets me so excited for the years to come. 

If we keep the tree up all year, its because Olivia likes the lights. We aren't lazy, I promise ;)

 A few side notes. Baby tights rock my world. Bonus points if they have ruffle butt:

Worst wrapped gift award goes to me. Seriously, how would you wrap a metal peacock?

Baby snow suit. This picture makes me laugh. At her. Poor thing.

These guys take some darn good family photos:

And they take them very seriously:

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. Here's to an even more wonderful 2014!

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