Friday, September 27, 2013

Spray Painting our Door Knobs

I had read quite a few posts about people spray painting their door knobs or faucets around the house. Rustoleum makes a universal spray paint in an 'oil rubbed bronze' color. 

When we purchased our house, the couple who owned it took a ton of time to make sure everything was updated / redone / etc. She was an interior designer and he was a big DIY guy. On closing, they said, "The only thing we didn't get to was replacing all of the door knobs." Our door knobs were still brass. At about $20 a pop, and a total of 17 interior door knobs (not to mention the deadbolts to the outside) - this was an investment we were not going to make. 

The brass door knobs had white paint on them, when the doors or trim were sloppily painted without removing or covering the knobs. I figured that even if the paint didn't work - we couldn't be in worse shape than we currently were. Plus, we could always buy door knobs if they really bothered us. 

Instead of taking all of the knobs off - I did them a few at a time. It took a few weeks to have them all finished, but I have to say, I love the way it looks. 

First, I cleaned the knobs with soft scrub. I saw that many people sanded the knobs. I figured the soft scrub would roughen them up a bit and I could save a step.

I took both knobs off, as well as the strike plate. I rigged some solo cups with holes in them to hold the door knob up. I didn't want to spray, wait for it to dry, flip it over, wait for that to dry. I wanted something much more efficient.

Once I had the knobs back on, I took a small paint brush and a spray of the paint and painted any screw heads that were visible. 





I think it looks so much better!

After a few months now, I can say that the paint holds up really well. The strike plates have seen the most wear - but it's not that noticeable. I saw that many people just purchased new strike plates - which we can always do in the future. 

It took a little bit of effort, but doing a few at a time made a huge difference. Honestly, it doesn't take much more time than replacing all of the knobs! And saved us over $300!

Now I am hunting around the house for what else I can spray paint!


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