Saturday, July 28, 2012

A typical morning conversation

Dan is not a morning person. I am almost always running too late to drink my coffee before I leave for work. Therefore, our conversations in the morning are not very profound. Exhibit A, this is what went down yesterday morning, pre 7am.

Kelley: I had a dream that I was taking a ballet class and Arie was in it.

Dan: Odd.

Kelley: Yeah, during the class he fell in love with a girl who looked just like Paige from the Bachelor Pad.

Dan:  Very odd.

Kelley: My reality TV shows are starting to blend together in my dreams. I think I have a problem.
…….Should I see someone?

Dan: Yes. Chris Harrison. He is probably the only one who can help you at this point.

Good thing we have a date with Chris on Monday at 8pm Eastern.


  1. Haha that's hilarious! I'm sure I've had a bachelorette tv show related dream before. thank goodness there are always more and more seasons of drama to keep things interesting.

  2. Too funny! I'll have to remember that when we're visiting and you've already left for work in you usual whirlwind! Note to self: also stay out of her way in the kitchen on work mornings.