Thursday, July 12, 2012


Kiawah was a much needed day off from work and long weekend! It definitely helped me get over the fact that I was working on the Fourth.  I am so incredibly lucky to have in-laws that decided to take us with them!

We stayed in a very cute condo just steps from the beach.

The first night, since I was leaving from work and wouldn't get in until later, Dan's family all met me for dinner in Charleston. This allowed Dan to drive the rest of the way and navigate the island at night. I wish I had more pictures of the beautiful island, trees, and homes. With such a short stay, we soaked up as much fun in the sun (and bocce ball) as we could.

Saturday night we went to dinner at The Macintosh. Everything we had was absolutely delicious! I would recommend the Bourbon Wedding Punch and the Squash Blossom appetizer.

I am not a connoisseur of restaurants in Charleston, but I would definitely say it is worth a visit!

We finished some books that were half-read for way too long, got inspired by Better Homes and Gardens, and did a whole lot of sitting on the beach. Our last night there, we ate on the island at the restaurant in the Sanctuary Hotel. The food and the service was fabulous, and the whole place was beautiful.

On the steps entering the Sanctuary:

The view after sunset from the putting green: I love the way the sky looks in this picture.

And a few more from our trip:

On the boardwalk on the way down to the beach:

It was very windy so most of my pictures look like this:

We had such a wonderful time - I would go back in a heartbeat. Sandy, Dan, what are yall doing next weekend? ;)

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