Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY coasters and brownies

I have two things for you to do this week or weekend.

First, a DIY.

This has to go down in history as the fasted DIY ever. I love feeling accomplished by making things myself, but there are some days when you don't have a few hours to sit down to do a project. (Okay, maybe more than 'some' days). And I love saving money. Two in one? Yes, please.

I have recently seen a rendition of this on Pinterest that involves scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and spray paint. (Are those successful? Have you seen Mod Podge when it gets wet? Yuck. Let me know).

Coasters can get very expensive. Especially when you need them in your dining room, living room, bed rooms, etc. I have a version that can cost less than $0.20!

First, you go on over to Lowe's and grab those furniture felt dots. The ones you put under chair legs, to keep from scratching the hard woods. Except, get the small ones. Apparently we have thrown away the packaging, but here is what they look like:

Then you get some pretty glass tiles.

Or maybe some stone tiles.

Lowe's even has a "less than a dollar - tile" section on their website here.

Then, get this. The hard part. You stick the felt to the underneath of the tile.

And bam. DIY coasters. That are pretty, hardly cost anything, and took you about 8 seconds. Enjoy!

Second, a recipe:

Now I have tried many from-scratch brownie recipes, and never found the perfect ones. Until this last weekend.

The recipe can be found here. I followed it to a T. I always alter recipes, but for some reason found the urge to follow this exactly.

Don't worry about the number of eggs. I was very worried these would turn out too cake-y, and almost substituted some oil for one of the eggs. They are incredibly fudgey.

And bake based on the time. With all of the chocolate chips, my toothpick never came out clean. I am very glad I took them out at the 35-40 minutes instead of waiting.

They were to die for! And I know my brownies!

After four days our pan looks like this:

Shhh. Don't tell Jillian. 

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  1. I LOVE mine that you made me! Ahem, the coasters...now you need to make me brownies! YUM!