Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bachelor Pad

Do yall watch this show? Please don’t judge me for what I am about to say. It. Is. Awesome.

It is incredibly trashy television. But so entertaining.

Now, I typically don’t like any of these competition shows. Survivor, Real World, even American Idol. But this one is gold.

Maybe it doesn’t hurt that I have seen all the seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette to know all of the people.

Here’s the premise. Each individual was somehow well-known on a previous season of the Bachelor(ette). Producers make sure to include love triangles, enemies, and a lot of clashing personalities. It is hosted by the ever-famous Chris Harrison.

Each week there is a competition. One girl and one guy win the competition.  The winners are given a “rose” (weird right?) and are safe from elimination. Most weeks, the winners are allowed to choose a date. They give that person a rose, which gives the date immunity, and together they go on a Bachelor(ette) themed date that night.

Where it gets good. Some people are there to win the $250,000 prize. Some, surprisingly enough, are there to genuinely find love (yes. really.). So those who are in it for the money have to suck up to those trying to find love, hoping to get the date, and become safe from elimination.

Then, each week, the guys vote one girl off, and the girls vote one guy off. Alliances are formed, backs are stabbed, drama ensues, I pop popcorn.

The strategies involved are crazy each week. And it is very fun to guess what will happen next, who the target will be, should he ask her out, etc. The producers are apt to throw in a few twists each season.

Don’t knock it until you watch it. Invite over good friends (like Landon!), pause so you can talk about strategies, and laugh at the girl already crying on night one. Don't feel bad for her. She signed up for this.

And if you watch it and still think I'm weird, I didn’t write this, my blog was hacked.


  1. Yeah, we watched...but apparently there was already a twist on day one with the twins date. Love the last comment, ha, ha, ha!

  2. Okay....I'm watching The Pad....I'm ashamed to say I'm a Twin