Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homemade "York" Peppermint Patties

I have another recipe for yall. This one deserves to be shared. It is for homemade “Yorks”. These are a little time consuming, but oh so worth it.

I swear I have recipes that don't involve chocolate or mint .. just give me a chance to prove it to you. In the meantime, enjoy another chocolate-mint recipe.

First, gather your ingredients. Outside. Where the lighting is better. To take pictures of them. Complain to your husband that we need more lights in the kitchen.

Don’t judge our large bag of chocolate chips. We buy them in bulk. I like to bake. You never know when life calls for a cookie cake.

You'll use:

1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
7 cups Powdered Sugar
3/4 teaspoon Peppermint Oil (or 3x that of peppermint extract -- I'll explain)
A few cups of chocolate chips
Food coloring (if desired)

First pour the condensed milk in your mixer, or in a bowl (but a hand mixer will be necessary!).

Add the Peppermint oil. I like to use to use peppermint oil (you can get it at Michaels, Sur La Table, etc.) because it is more concentrated. It won’t affect the consistency as much as extract will. This is especially good for icings, candies, and other non-baked items. Extract won’t hurt this recipe, just make sure you use about 3 times as much.

If desired, add your food coloring here. Then add the powdered sugar one cup at a time. You want the mixture to no longer be sticky.. If it is still sticky, throw in another half a cup. It should look like this:

The batter will taste like toothpaste. Don’t panic. I promise these will be delicious.

Take spoonfuls of the batter and flatten into patties. These do not have to be exact. As large of patties as you want, as thick as you want, they can all be different. Lay them all over your kitchen. Stress your Type-A self out.

Melt your chocolate chips. Mine took about twice this much melted chocolate.

Smooth chocolate over one side. Let harden. (I slide the foil on baking sheets and stick them in the freezer for a few minutes to hasten the process).


Spread chocolate over the other side. Decide whether it is worth the added effort to smooth chocolate around the edges to fully coat. Decide that it is not.

This makes about 40 (depending on size). Feel free to half the recipe. Feel free to immediately regret it when you taste these.


  1. They sell them here for .25 cent apiece

  2. I can attest to the fact that they are BETTER than York Peppermint Patties! And, I'm really liking your food photography!

  3. I am SURE they are Way better than Yorks but I am a lazy and impatient cook
    I LOVE Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in a box....the powdered cheese kind....Duncan Hines Cake Mix.......AND....Spaghettios!!

    1. Mel - I LOVE the blue box. Which is why you wont see a mac and cheese recipe on here. No one can top the blue box. I bet cheese is the 47th ingredient. Try and match that, homemade. I dare you. Everything else though, I tend to lean towards difficult. Maybe I am a glutton for punishment.