Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Airsoft is Notsoft"

I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs today, when I came across this one by the Pioneer Woman titled "Airsoft is Notsoft." If you have a couple minutes, read it. It is quite funny. Maybe, mostly, because I have been there.

Well, it brought me back to the delightful college days, when Dan and his roommates found it a great idea to buy Airsoft guns. I didn't realize that my guy-friends had turned into seven-year-olds, and I will never understand the 3-month fascination with toy guns. I even tried reading The Tipping Point. It wasn't in there. I digress.

Dan went away for one of the breaks, during which our school would do a "fire code check" to ensure that we didn't have anything dangerous, like bonfires in our bedrooms. Really, it was an excuse to check for things not allowed on campus. When Dan came back from break, he was greeted with a lovely weapons violation.


Apparently, if we had read our school code (because thats what people do on their summer beach trips), we would have known that even toy guns are considered weapons, and not allowed on campus. Neon orange tip and all. Thus, fabulously ending the Airsoft gun fascination.

Good job, Dan. I think he had to write a paper on the use of deadly weapons ... or something of the sort. And I am sure his room was searched quite throughly for all future "fire code checks". I love him.

Anyway, the point of this post is that Dan somehow convinces me that Airsoft guns don't hurt. That it's just a little foam / plastic pellet. I think back to the Nerf days and believe him. Well, I don't quite believe him, but my curiosity gets the best of me and I agree to let him shoot me, wondering what it could feel like.

HOLY CRAP! That thing hurt like &%$%&#^*$&)*()@ .. yes, that many symbols. Especially percents and ampersands.

I had a quarter sized welt on my back for days. And it wasn't funny. Until today. When someone as funny as Ree Drummond writes about how Airsofts are Notsoft ... and no one else in her family seems sane enough to agree. I can relate.

Moral of the story: don't let your future husband convince your 19 year old self to let him shoot you with an Airsoft gun. OR should it be: don't marry someone who gets weapons violations in college? Hmm.. I love him. 

Dan. Airsoft = Notsoft. Ree has proven my point.


  1. I thought I taught you better than that! ;-)

    1. Nah .. that wasn't a lesson you taught me. Just one that dan taught me ;)

  2. Haha, once I got sucked into paintball in college by my friends - I had bruises all over my body!

    Also I made a modified version of the andes mints cupcakes and they were DELICIOUS!

    1. The first time I played paintball, they also said it didn't hurt. For the first time, I got shot right in the throat. I think I yelled "liars!" while walking out.

      Glad you enjoyed the cupcakes! I think anything chocolate / mint is delicious!!

  3. That's why you wear safety gear and other to serve as padding to keep you safe and lessen the pain. Airsoft is not soft, indeed. I love your post together with Ree's! That kind of sense of humor brightens a reader's day. :)