Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A note from my husband

Dan and I are both lucky enough to have families that love the beach. And vacations. And bringing us with them.

Dan's parents rented a condo in Kiawah Island, South Carolina last week. Dan joined his mother on Monday, his brother joined Tuesday, his father Wednesday, and myself Thursday (ahh the joys of corporate America).

Unfortunately, this left me and Koda home alone for 3 nights. Fortunately, I have the best husband in the world.

When I went to bed on Monday night, look what my super thoughtful husband did. He left me a sweet note on my pillow!

Yes. You read it correctly. In Dan that means, "I left the grizzly bear mace and a flashlight by your side of the bed to keep you safe since I can't be there."

Could he be any sweeter? The bear mace is from his adventures in Montana. I'm not exactly sure it would be legal to use on humans. I'm not exactly sure we would care -- if a stranger shows up in our bed room.

You see, I have quite a few irrational fears -- topping the list is the fear of a potential murderer hiding in any nook or cranny of my house. (Runners-up include: roaches, ghosts, outdoor spaces small enough for a spider web to be in between, and the idea that one day Betty Crocker could, indeed, discontinue Rainbow Chip icing). I blame my parents for all the horror movies I was allowed to watch as a child.. isn't everything their fault?! (Just kidding - mom!).

So, naturally, when I get home on days when Dan is out of town, I search my house with a Cutco knife in hand. 

Chefs knife. Not the petite. Very sharp, alright?

And, just in case the murderer has decided to hide behind the shower curtain for approximately 6 hours, and jump out while I am tucked into bed, I have grizzly bear mace. With a safety. For good measure. 

Yall now think I'm crazy. Should I not post this?

In case yall were worried, I did not have to use the bear mace and arrived safely in Kiawah on Thursday evening. I'll post pictures from the trip tomorrow.


  1. Hmmm, I'm finding out all kinds of things about you and, you're funny! But, I already knew that!

  2. I do the exact same thing. Shower curtains are the scariest things when you're home alone!