Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Last Tuesday, when I got to work, this happened:

And my super supportive friends were there for me again:

And then this Tuesday, this happened to my 3 week old phone:

Why is it always the Tuesdays?


  1. Bummer! The shoe mix up would be easy to do. I always blamed getting dressed in the dark on mix ups like this one. Hope next Tuesday is uneventful :)

  2. Oh man! Usually it's Mondays that are manic! Hoping for a better Tuesday for you next week!

  3. Your shoe mix up is cracking me up!! Bummer about the phone though. :( Hope the rest of the week is going better!

  4. Both of these are terrible (but thank God it wasn't Monday)... But I must admit, I have TOTALLY done the shoe thing before... I mean heck, when I'm running around in the morning, they all tend to blend together ;)