Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

1. I started and finished a 12 week workout routine (without skipping a single one - and loving every single minute .. well .. maybe just the minutes that I wasn't working out.) - maybe I'll tell yall about it - but I'm convinced that's where my blogging time went. I'm not any more busy (maybe a little with work) but the blog posts haven't been coming nearly as often. I'll blame working out. 

Old picture. Still my favorite shirt.

2. I took Olivia to Chick-fil-a and let her play on the playground. There was a 2.5 year old boy there. She was looking at him, squealing, running while looking behind her so he'd chase her, just flirting like crazy. His parents said "alright bud, gotta go" and as he started to leave, Olivia started blowing him kisses. His dad looked at me and said "she's gonna be trouble." Oh, sir, you have no idea.

3. I took Olivia to Walmart the other day and we walked past a nailpolish end cap. She starts getting really fussy, takes her shoes off, throws them, whining, yelling. She gets like this when she's tired, been in the cart too long and ready to go home. I figured we needed to leave. She gets louder. I hear you, I'm grabbing some stuff and we'll get out of here. She lifts her foot high in the air. Points at it. Points at the end cap. Back at her foot. Yelling. I realize, she is telling me "See that nail polish? I don't have any on my toes. I need it NOW." I literally had to paint her toes in Walmart (I found a more secluded aisle) for her to calm down. She looked at them. Smiled. Held them up. And patiently let me walk all around Walmart. 

This girl... Could she be more girly?


We went to play outside after and I said "let's put your shoes on." She adamantly shook her head back and forth 'no' and pointed to her toenails. That said, "Mom, I just got my toes did - if I put shoes on, no one would see my pedicure." D.I.V.A.

4. When we ask Olivia to smile she scrunches up her nose tight, closes her eyes, and laughs on the inside because she knows this is a crowd pleaser. We can't teach her what smile really means, because it's just too funny.

5. This is really old - but in March we took Olivia to Soul for dinner. Dan ordered a Moscow mule, and, in typical Olivia fashion, she wanted his alcoholic beverage. The waitress brought Olivia a water in her own copper cup. She was so thrilled! And thought she was super cool with her Moscow Mule. 


  1. This might just be my favorite Olivia post of ALL time. That girl knows what she wants!! I LOL'd at her Wal-Mart pedicure NOW story. Such a girly girl :) I've yet to paint Olive's toe nails, but I might just have to give it a try this weekend. I also loved the blowing kisses to a boy on the playground story. She's got some advanced moves - haha. Love her smiley face - loved all these cute stories. Congrats on kicking butt with your workout routine. I am impressed. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend :)

  2. I'm dying laughing at the nail polish! Mostly because Olivia is how I see my future with Hallie! I have yet to paint her toes. How old was Olivia when you started that? I can't imagine hallie sitting still that long lol

  3. I am dying laughing at the nail polish! Mainly because Olivia is how I see my future with Hallie! How old was she when you painted her toes the first time? I haven't done that with Hallie yet but mostly because I can't imagine her sitting still that long!