Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend we went to the beer bourbon and barbecue festival. My favorite of the year! We waited to see what the weather would be like before buying tickets. It was absolutely beautiful.

(For some reason these pictures are coming in blurry .. but I don't feel like fixing it.)

The real connoisseurs wear pretzel necklaces to 'cleanse' the palate between sips of beer or bourbon. We always thought it was such a great idea to have a snack around your neck! Since Olivia ate ours last time, she got her own this year.

There was live music, rescue dogs, games, funnel cake, and, of course, beer, bourbon and barbecue. 

On Mother's Day, Dan woke us up with cake pops.

Olivia painted me a vase and made a stepping stone for our front yard. I'm such a sucker for her artwork. 

Then Dan grilled dinner and I didn't have to clean! We spent the entire weekend as a family it could not have been better. 

ALL of our pictures look like this. Trying to make Livi laugh.


  1. Sounds perfect! I love that Olivia got her own pretzel necklace this time. Smart thinking :)

  2. You guys are such a cute family! It sounds like the perfect weekend. I love your maxi dress btw

  3. I'm dying. The pretzel necklace! How long did that last? I could imagine it being gone in minutes on Aria. Never heard of such a thing.

    p.s. I'm popping over because my guest blogger mentioned you in her Q&A post with me! And I wanted to let you know -> http://sweet-turtle-soup.blogspot.com/2015/05/guest-post-getting-to-know-kelly-from.html

  4. 1. You look super adorable 2. Olivia looks super adorable 3. Pretzel necklace = GENIUS!

  5. Pretzel necklace?? Genius! I need to make one for Olivia. I love your dress. Where's it from?