Sunday, May 17, 2015

Painting Little Toenails

So many people have been asking me how I paint Olivia's toes - that their little ones will never sit still. 

Sit still? 


That's funny.

I figured I'd share my tricks.

Olivia HAS to have her toes painted. And if its chipping she runs to get the nail polish and asks anyone to paint them. Little diva. But she MUST touch them and kick her feet around - things that are not conducive to wet nail polish. So we have a couple tricks.

First of all, make sure your child is not eating their feet any more. Nail polish is made with harmful chemicals, and you don't want your little one ingesting them. Piggy Polish is non-toxic for baby toes, but I've never used it.

Next, strap your little one in the highchair with breakfast, a yummy snack, or something on TV - anything to distract them for just a minute or two. And the high chair helps. If Olivia can't see what I'm doing (because of the tray) she's less likely to kick around.

The biggest trick: Sally Hansen Insta-dri nail polish. This dries in 60 seconds. For real. Unlike the rest that say they dry fast, but really its just faster than others. 

I paint one foot then hold it for 30 seconds. Thats enough time for her to get back to kicking around. Paint the other foot and hold it for 30 seconds. Then wait another minute.

That's it. She's back to running around in circles. 


  1. Its so cute that she has to have them painted! I hate chipped polish too lol

  2. Such sweet little piggies!! I love that she has definite opinions about her fashion already. Love those gold sandals. I've painted Olive's toes twice and it's worked out pretty well. I always distract her with a snack and a little Daniel Tiger and it works like a charm. I'm going to have to pick up some of that 60 second polish! Sounds perfect for busy toddlers :)

  3. You are awesome! I am SOOO doing this soon! Olivia's toes are just the cutest in those sandals!

  4. Great idea!! I love the toe sucking phase but I'm so glad to have something to look forward to when that ends!!!