Saturday, May 9, 2015

You're So Postitive

"You're so positive."

I hear that a lot. 

A coworker calls me 'bubbles' because I'm always in such a good mood that it annoys him. I know that it secretly brightens his day, but he'll never admit it.

"How do you stay so positive?"

"Does anything shake you?"

No, it doesn't. Well ... it hasn't. Fingers crossed. 

A sorority sister of mine has a 10 month old who underwent brain surgery this morning. 

Brain surgery.

Her first hair cut was the surgeon shaving part of her head. The lock of hair for the memory book. Cut by the brain surgeon. 

You spilled coffee in your lap this morning? You had bad traffic? Your boss said something mean? Your toddler was being a toddler and demanding today?

Brain surgery.

A ten month old. 

I just have this entire perspective that as long as my family is healthy, we can get through anything.

Losing a job, losing our home, a fire that destroys all of our material possessions. A plate knocked over at dinner time. A raspberry smashed into the white carpet. A sprained ankle.  Buying the wrong ice cream at Harris Teeter. 


Pales in comparison to the struggles that some people are dealing with. 

Brain surgery.

Pales in comparison to the struggles that others are dealing with. Some would give anything to be in her boat. To have the baby who needs brain surgery. To have hope. To hope that brain surgery would resolve everything. That it could bring their child back. 

I just can't imagine ever complaining about anything that is going on in my life, while my child is healthy. 

And while others aren't so lucky.

At work, people have said, when asked, you should never say you are 'good.' You should come up with something more honest. Something that better describes you.

We've got a lot going on at work these days. "How are you?" I'm good. "Are you really?" Yes. The environment around me might be in shambles. But I'm good. 

Work isn't everything. Family is everything. 

My 18 month old daughter is healthy. She is here. I can't imagine anything greater in my life. 

Everything else that happens is just a funny story. A punchline. Ammo for some small talk. 

Shit happens. Shit will always happen. But you can do this. You can get through this. Always look at the bigger picture.

Hope you aren't the one supporting a child through brain surgery.

Hope you aren't the one begging to trade your problems with the one supporting a child through brain surgery. 

I'm good.

I'm always good.

I hope to never have to answer otherwise. 


  1. Sending prayers to that family and baby! I can't imagine hallie going through that, she's the same age! Sending hugs and prayers! That's terrible!

    1. Baby did really well. She's got quite a few prayer warriors, and it's really been miracle after miracle.

  2. You are so right! There's so much to be thankful for every day and good health is a major blessing. Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. It's wonderful you can have such a great perspective and that your family is healthy. Having lost a loved one too soon it can be hard to find balance in enjoying what's great and the hopelessness of what's not.