Monday, June 22, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Louisville KY

One of my best friends got married in Louisville over Memorial Day weekend. Excluding the 16 hours in the car, we had a blast.

We left late Friday night, around 9 pm. Olivia passed out in the car quickly and we we're off. Around 1 am, I decided it would be a smart decision to stop. We wouldn't get to the next town until 3 am and by that point I knew Dan would want to keep going to get to Louisville by 5 am. If we did that, Olivia would have had a full night sleep and we wouldn't have even gotten a 1 hour nap - she'd be ready to party.

The first place we stop is full - something was in town - so I started calling around. Found a Comfort Inn for 180 a night. It can't be that bad for that price. OH it was. We paid and got all of our stuff and walked into our gross motel - not as bad as the Polynesian (which we stayed in twice in college and was ranked top 10 dirtiest hotels in America). 

I cleaned the toilet before we used it, Olivia only got in her pack and play or was held, she never touched a thing and Dan and I stripped the comforter off the bed and slept a couple hours in our clothes on top of the sheets. We left as fast as we could.

On the way into Louisville, I was driving and figured it was time for some bourbon, so we stopped at Buffalo Trace, which was a blast. They do free tours and tastings and it had such a cool vibe to it. 

We ended up turning the whole weekend into a bourbon tasting, trying different types at the rehearsal dinner and other bars, the wedding had 8 delicious bourbons, and Dan took Olivia to Bulleit while the bridesmaids we're getting ready.

I got no pictures of the bride and groom, we had a couple failed attempts at some family photos, and then Olivia broke it down on the dance floor. She had a blast, learned the moves to 'jump on it' and then started twerking and break dancing on the floor. Where she gets this stuff, I have no clue!!

Such a fun weekend. If it weren't 8 hours away, we'd be back in a heartbeat to finish up the bourbon trail. 


  1. Sounds like a great time!! You and Olivia looked so pretty and she's already got some great dance moves :)

  2. I loved your dress! Olivia was super cute as usual too! What a fun time...minus the dingy motel experience I am sure!! I was so happy to see an update! :)

  3. Well that is just adorable! I love seeing babes cutting a rug at a wedding. I vaguely remember doing the same as a kid. I must have been told about it enough to kind of recall. That drive plus the hotel however sounds just delightful. Oh man, we moved from FL to CO and drove. We got there a day ahead of schedule so we had to stay in a hotel until our apartment was ready. There was a bike event going on so we got stuck at this just wonderfully clean (not at all) hotel..motel..whichever. So gross. Plus the door locks were funky and I felt just super safe.

  4. What gorgeous ladies!! I just have to say Carolina blue looks great on you ;). What a fun trip - minus the first stop. love Olivia's fun loving personality!