Thursday, May 21, 2015

This Weekend

The weather was beautiful again this weekend.

On Friday Olivia had a carnival for her school. We're switching back into the halfday program in June - so she will be back with her friends! In the meantime, we will rely on playdates and carnivals. 

We took a selfie while on the train ride, which clearly didn't turn out well. Oh well.

Saturday was the first day the pool opened, and we were there right away. The entire baby pool / splash pad is fenced in. Olivia can walk this year - so Dan and I sat back with a drink while the little one played and made friends. I could get used that!

First day at the pool last year and this year. Same judgey face. 

In her Lilly swimsuit! Aunt Sam and Uncle Jason really dress Olivia well. 

Olivia insisted on the clashing pink sandals. Until Dan told her how uncool it was to be the kid at the pool with shoes on. She took them off. But she wasn't too happy about it. 

When she got in the pool a kid came up to her and said "If you keep that up, Jack, you will have to get out immediately!" Apparently Jack's parents say that a lot.

On Sunday we finally went to Hall Family Farm for some strawberry picking. Olivia could have stayed all day. She cried "mo mo" the entire way home, poor girl.

The sweet people there let me borrow some sunscreen. I was too busy being mom of the year to remember the diaper bag, or sunscreen. 

They have toys, tricycles, slides, playhouses and a giant sandbox. Along with strawberry picking and strawberry donuts. All of which we enjoyed.

There are signs everywhere that say "do not eat the strawberries" (ie they want you to buy them instead of sampling). Olivia is all like you have no proof.

This gallon is now about a year's worth of jam. Delicious!

After nap, we went back over to the pool for a few hours before calling it another wonderful weekend. Hope you guys enjoyed as well. And had some good weather for a change!


  1. You always leave me cracking up! I don't know how it's possible, but Olivia is cuter each post! I was just dying of cuteness overload at the pool picture! PS tell me your secrets of how you look that good post baby in a bikini! NO FAIR!

  2. hahaha, no proof at all! And sitting while the kid plays of the top parenting moments indeed.

  3. Tell Olivia the farm will be open all summer!! Although there won't be strawberries all summer (bummer)! Olivia is quite the bathing beauty like her momma!! The pool will be so much fun this year!

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I bet you're going to have some good pool stories this summer. I love the idea of picking my own strawberries, but have never attempted it. I bet Olive would enjoy it. Olivia look darling in her strawberry outfit and she's so sneaky with her taste testing :) I've never had a strawberry donut, but it sounds heavenly. You're going to have to post that strawberry jam recipe because I've never attempted that either :) So many good recipes to try...

  5. She is so stinking cute! Looks like ya'll will have a great summer - I think it would be awesome to go Strawberry picking!