Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our Weekend

We've been doing too much beachin to post about the weekend.

We left early on Saturday for Atlanta to see my parent's new place -- Bel Aire. So, obviously, I spent the day making jokes about the "fresh 'rents of Bel Air."

On the way down, we stopped at the GA bored to change Olivia, and let her stretch her legs. She stood for about 20 seconds all by herself. She normally panics and immediately sits down. We were so proud of her and know that she just loves GA. ;)

At my parents, we had a handful of friends and family over to see the baby. It was not nearly long enough but so wonderful to see everyone. We had a birthday cake for my Aunt that my parent's forgot to bring out. We texted her a picture of it while we ate it. Sorry Belinda. Couldn't let yummy cake go to waste.

The next morning Olivia took her first step. Not steps. Singular. She took one step all by herself at my parent's house. I'm convinced she could walk if she wanted, she's just scared without our hands holding hers.

We left for Destin at 6pm so Olivia would sleep in the car. Chick doesn't like the car. We put  Nemo on my dad's portable dvd player. Since she doesn't watch TV, she LOVED it. And then it got scary... I didn't realize how scary until watching it with a 9 month old. But the barracuda, the scuba divers, the jelly fish, that weird fish with the light on the end. Poor baby started crying and squeezing my hand. She was so scared at those parts! Looks like we need to purchase Baby Einstein or Cinderella for the way home. Suggestions for no action animated movies?

This just happened:

Mom: Are you writing a five on Friday?
K: No, you clown it's Monday.
D: It's Tuesday. You are both clowns.
K: Beachin.


  1. Yay first step! Go Olivia!! And nemo still terrifies Damian! Haha it is surprisingly scary if you look at it from a little kid's perspective. Damian's first favorite movie was Winnie the Pooh movie. Also curious George is a fav and not scary at all.

    1. Thanks for the movie suggestions!! We will run by walmart before heading home. I have seen Nemo a million times and just didn't think about it.

  2. My guys will not watch a scary movie so we stick to Cars and Winnie the Pooh. And that first picture - how awesome (in a totally unjealous way ;) ) I hope the beach was a blast!

    1. Thats the second vote for Winnie the Pooh - so I might have to go pick that up. And Cars is a great idea. I think she loved the graphics of the pixar movie - so Cars might be a great option! And that was my 6th cartwheel for Dan to get one with me semi in the air - haha!