Thursday, August 21, 2014

Halloween Love

I'm sorry, is it August? 

I'm sorry, do I care?

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I mean. I feel obligated to say Christmas is. But if Halloween were celebrated all month long like Christmas, it would take the cake in my book. 

One time, I went as Scuba Steve. 

I'm not bragging, per say, but flippers were only moderately difficult for me to navigate while drunk.

Okay, I'm bragging.

So, clearly, when I went into Hanna Anderssen for a simple pair of socks, I came back with these:

Which she wears often.

And when we went to the outlet mall in Destin, I picked up these:

Tshirt                                                                                     Leggings

And I'm considering purchasing this skirt:


Can an infant have too many Halloween outfits? 


  1. She is the cutest (and could make anyone look forward to Halloween). We aren't huge fans and I will spend the month of October trying to avoid driving by any scary decorations that will prevent sleep from occurring. What will Olivia be for Halloween?

    1. Oh no! I didn't think about little ones being scared during Halloween. Olivia is too young to realize most of the decorations (although we did have the incident with Nemo) .. next year could be completely different!! I have no idea what she will be yet - I feel like next year she will tell me. Or at least won't like whatever I pick out :) this is my year to choose! Have yours decided what they will be?